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Sydney Sex Therapist & Relationship Coach providing quality Relationship & Sex Advice and Guidance for Men, Women and Couples

Sydney Sex Therapist, Sex Coach, Relationship Coach Jacqueline HellyerHello and welcome. You might be feeling a little unsure about seeing a Sex Therapist, so let me tell you a little about myself and how I work so you can decide whether this is right for you.

Over the past ten years or so I have spent thousands of hours working with individuals and couples around sex and relationships. As one client put it, I am like "a shining light in the darkness" to help bring you clarity and insight. 

I take a transpersonal coaching approach to working with you: transpersonal therapy is holistic and transformative, coaching is solution focused and positive

When applied to this fundamentally important part of life, Transpersonal Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching allows you to find real meaning and fulfilment in your relationships and your sexuality, at all levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I’ve been called a ‘Relationship Whisperer’ a ‘Relationship Genius’ even a ‘Miracle Worker’. I certainly have a skill in helping people - individuals and couples - feel more confident, aware and inspired around all aspects of sex, love and intimacy.

You'll find that talking to me is a liberating experience. I have no need to judge or assess you, my only agenda is to enable you to transform and grow. 

How can I as a Sex Therapist & Relationship Coach help you?

Our sexuality is at the core of being human. Quality sex is an extraordinary thing, and one that has a hugely positive effect on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By addressing your sexual issues, you'll find that the whole of life improves.

I help you:

  • figure out how you would like your sex life and relationship to be;
  • work out what changes you need to make in your thinking, behaviour and life-style to enable that to happen;
  • assist you to make those changes;
  • along the way, bust a lot of myths, give you real information and education, provide a lot of guidance and strategy;
  • and overall enable transformation at all levels of your being.

The sex therapy and relationship coaching sessions can be surprisingly enjoyable and freeing. The best things in life are fun, and sex is undoubtedly one of the best things in life, so we'll talk, we’ll laugh and we’ll lighten you up about the whole sex thing. At the same time we’ll look at you, your relationships and your life.

Change takes commitment!

I don't have a magic wand though! You have to do the work and apply it in your life to create the change you want. This takes commitment and it generally takes time. Some clients only need one or two sessions, but most need more. These sessions can be taken in close succession, or spread out. Some people continue to see me every month for a year or more, to make sure the transformation is real and fully part of their lives. It's up to you. 

Many clients complement the private sessions by undertaking one of my On-line sexual empowerment programs for men and for women or taking part in my Tantra Retreats for couples and for women. The experiential nature of these events can be a very beneficial addition to the talk-based therapy and coaching. 


Sessions are offered at my clinic in Rozelle, Sydney. The address is 2/758 Darling Street, Rozelle (enter from Denison Street). There is plenty of street parking and the 440 and 445 buses stop out the front on Darling Street.

Sessions can also be done via skype and by phone. I have clients from all over Australia and around the world. 


I am available for sessions from Wednesday to Friday. (Other days may be possible by special arrangement for clients visiting from out of town.) Sessions last for 60 minutes.


A single session is $250 including GST.  Couples, I prefer that you book in for a double session initially, where we see each of you for 40 minutes, then 40 minutes together. I find this a very powerful and effective way to start. A double session is $450 including GST.

Please contact us and my PA, Kim, will book you in.

Examples of clients:

  • Couple, wanting to keep long-term sex life strong.
  • Couple, dealing with mis-matched libidos.
  • Couple, needing to improve sexual communication. 
  • Couple, dealing with apathy and low sexual desire.
  • Couple, dealing with affairs by one or both parties.
  • Couple, wanting to learn Tantric practices.
  • Couple, wanting to explore the kinkier sides of sex.
  • Couple, wanting to explore or manage an open/poly relationship.
  • Couple, little sexual experience, wanting information and education.
  • Couple, newly together, sex not going well.
  • Couple, wanting to learn how to make love with an unavoidable sexual dysfunction.
  • Couple, wanting to learn how to make love with the sexual implications of a disability or disease.
  • Couple, dealing with childhood sexual abuse of one or both parties.
  • Couple, wanting to enter marriage/relationship with positive sexual expectations.
  • Couple, wanting to maintain sexual activity now that have become or are becoming parents.
  • Couple, wanting to negotiate around a fetish or fantasy.
  • Couple, wanting to have good sex while undergoing IVF
  • Couple, wanting to enjoy good sex in older age.
  • Couple, wanting to have amicable separation.
  • Couples, wanting advice on how to talk to children about sex.
  • Male, long term relationship, sex has become dull and/or his partner is not interested.
  • Male, premature ejaculator, wanting to last longer.
  • Male, erectile problems.
  • Male, unable to orgasm.
  • Male, little sexual experience, wanting to feel more confident.
  • Male, marriage deteriorating, feels inadequate as a lover.
  • Male, after losing significant weight, wanting to work with new-found sexual vitality.
  • Male, dealing with childhood sexual abuse.
  • Male, older virgin.
  • Male, wanting to develop his Tantric sexual techniques, particulalry to become multi-orgasmic.
  • Male, dealing with low sexual and/or physical self-confidence.
  • Male, wondering whether to stay in relationship or not.
  • Male, concerned as to whether he's a sex addict.
  • Male, concerned about a fetish or fantasy.
  • Male, wanting to manage his excessive viewing of porn/excessive masturbation/excessive use of sex workers.
  • Male, wanting to be as good a lover as possible.
  • Female, bored sexually in marriage, wanting to explore options.
  • Female, wanting to become more orgasmic.
  • Female, wanting to become more sexually assertive.
  • Female, wondering whether to stay in relationship or not.
  • Female, with vaginismus (painful or impossible intercourse).
  • Female, new relationship, wanting to hone up on technique and improve confidence.
  • Female, wanting to deal with her affair.
  • Female, concerned about sexual pain.
  • Female, fearful of sex.
  • Female, poor body image.
  • Female, not liking her genitals.
  • Female, dealing with childhood sexual abuse.
  • Female, late virgin.
  • Female, concerned about a fetish or fantasy.
  • Female, recently separated after long marriage, wanting to prepare for new sexual encounters.
  • Female, with Tantric experience, wanting to know how to train new partner in same.
  • Female, wanting to learn Tantra and have energy orgasms.
  • Female, wanting to 'know everything you know'.

Do you have concerns like the clients listed above, and want to feel like the clients who gave those testimonials on the right? Then please contact us to book in and get started on positive change.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a modality of sexual healing to help people with sexual dysfunctions become sexually functional. This involves addressing the psychological barriers to sexual health and well-being as well as providing sexual education and correction of limiting or false beliefs around sex and sexuality. Once healing has occurred, Sex Coaching can then take the individual or client to greater sexual awareness and fulfillment.

What is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching is a pathway for sexual growth. Sex Coaching is a client-focused approach that works with sexually functional individuals and couples to enable them to deepen and expand their experience of sex, love and intimacy. Depending on the needs of the client, it may include ancient and esoteric teachings (see Tantra Teaching), sex education and instruction. The Coach helps the client to discover and enhance their own eroticism to create a love life that is one of ongoing growth and fulfillment.

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a professional client-focused service where an essentially functional individual or couple is guided to create their desired relationship with effective support and information. The Coach enables the client(s) to become clear about their needs, hopes and desires, and to develop understandings and strategies to achieve these in a mutually supportive way. While past hurts and history may be addressed, the focus is primarily on moving forward, with the aim of enabling ongoing personal and relationship growth. 

What is Tantra Teaching?

Tantra is a spiritual and energetic approach to sex and life that comes from ancient India. Along with the Taoists of China and Qidosha from North America, these approaches to sex, love and intimacy are broader and deeper than conventional western understandings. Through practices that include breathing, mindfulness, energy and sensual touch, you will learn to connect with your partner in a way that is real, deep, poetic and intensely beautiful. 

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"We used to fight constantly about sex, I never thought we'd find a way out. Then we found you and with your sex therapy that's all changed. You're awesome!"

"You saved our marriage. Thank-you!"

"I feel an enormous sense of relief that we have a platform to start communicating about intimacy and sex in an open respectful and adult way."

"A massive thank you for all your guidance and wisdom. Your sex therapy played a very significant role in changing our lives forever."

"The world is a clearer place now, things are a lot lighter!"

"You've changed the whole way I look at sex, now I feel so much more positive and free and empowered!"

"I can honestly say that I'd be separated and on my way to divorce if not for you slapping me into shape."

"I had no idea someone like you existed, I'm so glad you do and that I found you!"

"I often reflect on what a wonderful person you are and what a beautiful gift you share with others. I love your passion for helping others and one day I hope I gain enough wisdom to help others in your footsteps. I will continually look out for others in need and highly recommend you where ever I go, as I think this world needs so many more amazing people like yourself to uplift and brighten the lives of those in need."

"I've never felt so comfortable with someone so confronting!"

"When we started seeing you we were newly-weds heading for divorce... after our sessions with you we are happier and more in love (and lust) than ever before!"

"Thank you for your honesty, openness, wisdom, guidance, love and cuddles. I am very fortunate to have your input and I think you are amazing."

"The empowerment you provide people with through your sex therapy and tantra workshops is inspirational, life changing and the beauty of it is that you don't give them power, you don't even create it, it just simply manifests itself through the opportunities you so strategically present."

"I have never been happier!!! You taught me a lot and I'm still practicing so thanks!"

"Before meeting Jacqueline we were “fumbling around in the dark”, I couldn’t go the distance and this left my beloved underwhelmed. We were caught in the daily grind, were sexually frustrated and wanting a more satisfying experience. Since Jacqueline’s sex coaching our lovemaking has become light-hearted, our lives filled with romance, dating, petting, smooches. When we make love the time is intimate, fun, erotic, orgasmic and/or all of the above. We’ve never been happier, whole or as complete – and can’t thank you enough."

"I contacted Jacqueline with the dread of having sex and not really liking my "bits". I am proud to say that with her sex therapy, today I now initiate sex and am way less shy to share my "bits" with my partner. "

"I just wanted to thank you for all your coaching in the past. I am now living life to the fullest and loving every minute of it"

"In the couple of years since we saw you I realise that my wife has never rejected me. That's a testament to your skill as a sex therapist!"

“It’s been great. We certainly wouldn’t have got here without you!"

"Omigawd thank you so much... We had the most amazing 'homework' experience after our sex coaching session!"

"Seeing Jacqueline has been by far one of the best decisions we have made. Before seeking her help I was very sad about our situation. I am so happy to say that as a direct result of her thoughtful guidance we are in such a different and better place in our sex life. Thank you Jacqueline!"

"Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration over the last five months....don't think we would have made it this far without you!!!"

"The coaching has been great, I feel privileged to have shared your wisdom."

"Things have improved dramatically via the techniques learned through our sex therapy sessions."

"We really love coming to see you, as you offer us such support and have made a huge difference to our lives."

"Working on the solution instead of the problem has taken me further forward then anything else I have tried."

"You have a way of opening me up and reading me like a book. I've taken a tremendous amount away from our sex therapy sessions."

“You’re the first of many counsellors who really feels comfortable and is coming from a practical, understandable place. You've helped us find the key and it's really quite simple."

"You've filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge with your sex coaching."