Enjoy a life
full of love,
connection and
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Sex therapy and relationship coaching
for men, women and couples


Hello, I’m Jacqueline Hellyer, and over the past dozen years or so I’ve spent thousands of hours working with individuals and couples around sex and relationships. As one client put it, I am like "a shining light in the darkness" to help bring you clarity and insight - and guide you to the love life you desire. 

jacqueline hellyer review

"A massive thank you for all your guidance and wisdom. Your sex therapy played a very significant role in changing our lives forever."

jacqueline hellyer review

"Seeing Jacqueline has been by far one of the best decisions we have made. Before seeking her help I was very sad about our situation. I am so happy to say that as a direct result of her thoughtful guidance we are in such a different and better place in our sex life. Thank you Jacqueline!"

What I Can Do For You

I’ve been called a ‘Relationship Whisperer’ a ‘Relationship Genius’ even a ‘Miracle Worker’. I certainly have a skill in helping people - individuals and couples - feel more confident, aware and inspired around all aspects of sex, love and intimacy. Please read the testimonials peppered around this page to hear from the people whose opinion matters, my clients. (Given the nature of my work and to respect client privacy, I hope you can appreciate that while the quotes are true the photos need to be models.)

You'll find that talking to me is a liberating experience. I have no need to judge or assess you, my only agenda is to enable you to transform and grow.

jacqueline hellyer review

"We used to fight constantly about sex, I never thought we'd find a way out. Then we found you and that's all changed. You're awesome!"

jacqueline hellyer review

"We really love coming to see you, as you offer us such support and have made a huge difference to our lives."

My Approach

I take a transpersonal coaching approach to working with you. Transpersonal therapy is holistic and transformative, coaching is solution focused and positive.

When applied to this fundamentally important part of life, Transpersonal Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching allows you to find real meaning and fulfilment in your relationships and your sexuality, at all levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

jacqueline hellyer review

"Working on the solution instead of the problem has taken me further forward then anything else I have tried."

How I as a Sex Therapist & Relationship Coach Help You

For couples in particular, unlike most relationship counsellors, I actually deal with the sexual side of things. Given how important sex is in a relationship, I believe it’s crazy not to address it, and strongly believe it’s why my approach is so effective.

Whether single or partnered, our sexuality is at the core of being human. Quality sex is an extraordinary thing, and one that has a hugely positive effect on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By addressing your sexual issues, you'll find that the whole of life improves.

jacqueline hellyer review

"Thanks again for your brilliant life-changing support of my wife and I. "

jacqueline hellyer review

"You’re the first of many counsellors who really feels comfortable and is coming from a practical, understandable place. You've helped us find the key and it's really quite simple."

The Sex Therapy Process I'll Guide You Through

It depends on your issue of course, essentially the approach I take is to help you:

  • figure out how you would like your sex life and relationship to be;
  • work out what changes you need to make in your thinking, behaviour and life-style to enable that to happen;
  • assist you to make those changes;
  • along the way, bust a lot of myths, give you real information and education, provide a lot of guidance and strategy;
  • and overall enable transformation at all levels of your being.

The sex therapy and relationship coaching sessions can be surprisingly enjoyable and freeing. The best things in life are fun, and sex is undoubtedly one of the best things in life, so we'll talk, we’ll laugh and we’ll lighten you up about the whole sex thing. At the same time we’ll look at you, your relationships and your life.

jacqueline hellyer review

"You've changed the whole way I look at sex, now I feel so much more positive and free and empowered!"

jacqueline hellyer review

"We have noticed a real shift in our energies towards each other since seeing you, almost like switching from AM to FM radio, the difference is that noticeable."

Types of Clients

I get three general types of couple clients:

  1. those in a bad place, often due to infidelity, and needing help to heal as well as grow;
  2. those that are good partners but the sex isn’t so good, either mis-matched libidos, or both lost libidos, or life getting in the way;
  3. those that are good partners and lovers and want advice to become even better! (Often wanting to learn Tantra, explore openness, try new sexual activities.)

And I get three general type of individual clients:

  1. those wanting more sexual knowledge and confidence;
  2. those wanting to deal with concerns around desire, performance or orgasm;
  3. those wanting to find a partner.
  4. and a fourth category - often individual clients initially come for a sexual reason, and then become regular life coaching clients.

jacqueline hellyer review

"I'm so happy with ME, where I am and where we are as a couple. This is where I've been trying to get for so long and now I'm here! Thanks - you're the best!"

jacqueline hellyer review

"Thank-you for so deliciously weaving my sexually and spiritually together again, I now feel the way I’ve always wanted and known I could feel."


I see clients at my consulting rooms in Rozelle, Sydney. The address is 2/758 Darling Street, Rozelle (enter from Denison Street). There is plenty of street parking and the 440 and 445 buses stop out the front on Darling Street.

Sessions can also be done via skype and by phone. I have clients from all over Australia and around the world. 


I see clients from Wednesday to Friday. The first session of the day is at 9am, the last at 6.30pm. Other days may be possible by special arrangement for clients visiting from out of town. Sessions last for 60 minutes.


A single session is $250 including GST. Couples, I prefer that you book in for a double session initially, where we see each of you for 40 minutes, then 40 minutes together. I find this is a very powerful and effective way to start. This initial double session for clients is $450 including GST.