Sometimes the love comes back as praise...

Here I humbly present some of what people have said about me.
Note: Given the nature of my work and to protect people’s privacy, I’m not giving names - please trust me that these are all authentic!

"You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I love your warmth, openness and wonderful insights.”

"You are inspirational in Australia and beyond. There are an indefinable number of people whose lives have been changed as a result of your intelligence, study, courage and insight to say it how it is.”

"What you give to others is such a beautiful gift you’re an inspiration to everyone around you.”

“You model such a vibrant and positive sexuality“

"You are awesome and I cannot sing your praises any higher!” 

"Thank you for all your boundless healing energy.”

"I feel privileged to have shared your wisdom.”

"I often reflect on what a wonderful person you are and what a beautiful gift you share with others. I love your passion for helping others and one day I hope I gain enough wisdom to help others in your footsteps. I will continually look out for others in need and highly recommend you where ever I go, as I think this world needs so many more amazing people like yourself to uplift and brighten the lives of those in need.”

"Thank you for your honesty, openness, wisdom, guidance, love and cuddles. I am very fortunate to have your input and I think you are amazing.”

"Thank you so much for your professionalism, passion and dedication – your honesty and integrity shine.”

"The empowerment you provide people with is inspirational, almost life changing and the beauty of it is that you don't give them power, you don't even create it, it just simply manifests itself through the opportunities you so strategically present.”

"Jacqueline, you are so extraordinarily professional. I’ve done a lot of courses in this area and yours are so far above the rest in terms of content and presentation."

 “You are awesome, so open and easy going.”

“You are a wonderful and natural teacher.”

"That was fabulous. You have real presence.”

“You’re the most confronting person I’ve ever felt so comfortable with!”

“You’re amazing - friendly, approachable and inspiring!”

"You are an extremely professional, lively, bubbly, energetic and inspiring lady."

“Jacqueline knows her stuff, is efficient and focused, and above all, a lot of fun!”

"You truly have a gift Jacqueline!”

"I've never felt so comfortable with someone so confronting!”

" I had no idea someone like you existed, I'm so glad you do and that I found you!”

"I was blown away by how brave you are to do this kind of thing … and how gorgeous the energy around you is.”

“Jacqueline is an inspiration!”

"You have opened up my eyes, heart and mind! I cannot express enough my gratitude for that." 

“There really should be more of you on the planet!”