The Luscious Woman Workshop

Increase Your Womanly Confidence and Express Your True Sexual Self

@ Luscious Woman - A Tantra-Inspired Workshop

This Tantra Workshop for Women takes you on a journey to complete female empowerment.

Are you:
...Then come along to Luscious Woman!

This evening workshop covers
fun, fascinating and practical activities you will discover the secrets of female sexuality and learn to:

Whatever your current level of sexual confidence, whatever your age or stage of life, this workshop is a must for every woman!

As with all my workshops, the Luscious Woman Workshop for women is completely classy and sleaze-free. There’s no nudity, no need to share information you don’t want to, and no need to do anything embarrassing. Food, drinks and chocolates are provided! 

Then if you'd like to explore your lusciousness further, I invite you to attend the Luscious Woman Retreat for a deeper, more transformative experience.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about the workshop before booking, please feel free to contact us.

Book into a Luscious Woman Workshop Here:

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking

Dates: TBA

Location: Leichhardt, NSW

Cost: $220 per person 

Time: 5.30-9.30pm 

Maximum 14 participants

Take a look at these photos from a Luscious Woman workshop in our previous venue (taken by the very luscious Karen Visser of Evocartiv):

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And another lovely sequence of shots from a workshop where we had fun dressing up in corsets - which we don't usually do! (Taken by the equally luscious Cat of Cat O Nine Tails Photography)
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