The Luscious Woman Workshop

Increase Your Womanly Confidence and Express Your True Sexual Self

@ Luscious Woman - A Tantra-Inspired Workshop

This Tantra Workshop for Women takes you on a journey to complete female empowerment.

Are you:
  • a mother wanting to put yummy back into mummy,
  • a long-term wife or partner who’s lost her mojo,
  • shy and timid and wanting your hand held to explore,
  • a woman wanting to build your sexual confidence and increase your libido
  • long-term single and wanting to get out there,
  • active and out there but lacking intimate connection,
  • or already luscious and knowing there's always more to learn and experience...
...Then come along to Luscious Woman!

This evening workshop covers
fun, fascinating and practical activities you will discover the secrets of female sexuality and learn to:

  • Understand the history of female sexuality, and why we’re so darn confused!
  • Appreciate how your body is designed for exquisite sexual pleasure
  • Turn off your brain and get present in your body
  • Live in a state of heightened sensual awareness
  • Use Tantric breath and energy techniques
  • Feel the different energies of the Seven Sex Goddesses

Whatever your current level of sexual confidence, whatever your age or stage of life, this workshop is a must for every woman!

As with all my workshops, the Luscious Woman Workshop for women is completely classy and sleaze-free. There’s no nudity, no need to share information you don’t want to, and no need to do anything embarrassing. Food, drinks and chocolates are provided! 

Then if you'd like to explore your lusciousness further, I invite you to attend the Luscious Woman Retreat for a deeper, more transformative experience.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about the workshop before booking, please feel free to contact us.

Book into a Luscious Woman Workshop Here:

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking

Dates: TBA

Location: Leichhardt, NSW

Cost: $220 per person 

Time: 5.30-9.30pm 

Maximum 14 participants

Take a look at these photos from a Luscious Woman workshop in our previous venue (taken by the very luscious Karen Visser of Evocartiv):

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And another lovely sequence of shots from a workshop where we had fun dressing up in corsets - which we don't usually do! (Taken by the equally luscious Cat of Cat O Nine Tails Photography)
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"I never expected the Luscious Woman Workshop to have such a dramatic change on how I view myself and how I now feel sexy, feminine and graceful. I've never said those words about myself before!"

"It's not over-stating to say that I would call the Luscious Woman course 'life changing'. In essence I believe it has been a major catalyst in deep healing, a fundamental shift in personal and spiritual growth, and lasting and evolving change in self confidence, body awareness, self acceptance and ongoing sexual exploration."

"Provided a new freedom"

"You've shown me how to feel the way I've always wanted to. Thank-you for deliciously weaving my spirit and sexuality back together."

"How can I thank you? You have helped me move to a place where I not only feel comfortable with my body, but feel it's pretty damn sexy and any man who gets to explore and share it is lucky. Most importantly I feel good about myself. I've had my eyes opened to all sorts of possibilities..."

"I loved your humour and relaxed facilitation. It really disarmed everyone in a good way!"

"Thank you for the way you stretch yourself to help others open up."

"Thank-you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX U R wonderful"

"Thank you again for an extraordinary weekend."

"Absolutely amazing Luscious Woman workshop, thank-you sooooooo much!"

"Am super pleased I did the workshop for the guidance which I've taken on. Especially the whole yin/yang and strength through gentleness."

"I found the Luscious Woman Workshop an inspiring and invigorating experience. It was lovely to meet a bunch of like-minded women, feel pampered and treasured, and be reminded of my ... well, lusciousness, really!"

"I have realised so much about my self and my sexuality, your Luscious Woman workshop has changed the way I see sex."

"I learned so much at Luscious Woman and feel better about many things - more empowered and definitely more luscious."

"I want to say a huge thank you!!! I loved Luscious Woman! It has changed my life. Beautiful work!"

"I loved the Luscious Woman weekend thank you so much for putting on such a professional and tasteful workshop."

"I really enjoyed the Luscious Woman workshop and I know my husband is reaping the rewards of my increased femininity and confidence."

"I really enjoyed your Luscious Woman workshop, it was a great experience. You have a special gift :-)"

"By attending your Luscious Woman workshop I was able to see women from a much more positive light, we're so gorgeous and sexy! I'll never be so critical about myself or other women again. What a relief!"

"I wish I could do the Luscious Woman weekend every month!"

"It was truly a wonderful experience and I am indebted to you for sharing so intimately."

"It was ALL great for igniting the inner goddess!!! I've been on a flow ever since the Luscious Woman weekend!!!"

"It was an amazing couple of days ... On Monday, after the Luscious Woman Workshop I must have been buzzing because two separate guys said versions of "Hello Sexy" to me that morning!"

"It was an amazing couple of days ... I've been feeling great ever since."

"It was so good to connect with other women at Luscious Woman and be open about our sexuality. It was reassuring to know that everyone has issues, timid ones like me and the sexually adventurous."

"It was the most wonderful pleasure to have the opportunity to attend the Luscious Woman weekend and meet some lovely stunning women. I have come away from your wonderful workshop with a renewed sense of what is, and what is not so important in life. I am convinced that one definitely needs to spend time ensuring to have as much pleasurable experience as possible."

"Luscious Woman was so useful and very much applies to the modern lush woman who wants to feel and be even more empowered!"

"My partner said within 24 hours: "that Luscious Woman course you did was well worth every cent you paid for it!"

"Really got a lot out of Luscious Woman and learned a lot"

"Thank-you for the fabulous Luscious Woman Workshop. It was great fun, enlightening and I look forward to bringing some new changes into my life."

"Thank-you so much for creating such an amazing, truly luscious weekend where a woman can really explore herself and her hidden potential. I'm still glowing from the experience and whenever I think about it, I get a little cheeky smile. I've gone from feeling somewhat inhibited to warmly embracing my sexual self and its expression."

"Thank you so much for the Luscious Woman weekend. It was truly powerful."

"The Luscious Woman course was AMAZING and wonderful. So informative, liberating and empowering."

"The Luscious Woman weekend was great for me, I think working on the solution instead of the problem has taken me further forward then anything else I have tried. I am looking at making love in a whole different way."

"This weekend gave me so much confidence.  I feel sexy and like a woman again"

"What a super girly treat!"

"I feel entirely transformed. It's not new in the doing, but the sense of self residing within has changed - and that has changed everything."