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16I have been on anti depressants for about 18 months and am having trouble maintaining an erection and finishing the job. Could this be the anti depressants or my age, I am 51?No Category
17I have the most amazing, intense, crazy sex with a girl I've known for years. We dated a while back, but it didn't work out and now we just "catch up" to enjoy the great sex (when we're both single). Why can't sex with anyone else reach the sameNo Category
18I have to go away on a work project for five months and my girlfriend of seven months will be 500km away. We're so in love and we'll try to see each other every few weeks, but I'm worried we'll drift apart. How can we keep the passion at the same level?No Category
19I just started dating a guy who is yet to make me climax. One night I faked it (I know I shouldn’t have) and now he thinks he’s on the right track in the bedroom. Do I tell him and risk shattering his ego or keep tight lipped in the hope the real thing No Category
20I love going down on my girlfriend, but the truth is I'm more enthusiastic than skilful. Any pointersNo Category
21I suffer from mild premature ejaculation. How can I prolong my enjoyment?No Category
22I used to be able to recharge after an orgasm in about 10 minutes and go again and again. But lately I can't seem cum so often and sometimes no semen will come out at all. I'm hard pressed to cum past two times. It worries me as my wife is really keen oNo Category
23I want to buy my girlfriend a vibrator (she's never used one before, but is curious). We'd like to use it in foreplay. Can you recommend any?No Category
24I’m 26 years old and have never had an orgasm. I don’t enjoy masturbation. When I’m in bed with my partner, he makes me feel REALLY good and just when I think I’m about to come, the feeling suddenly vanishes - it’s almost like I hit a wall and then bounceNo Category
25I’m not sure if I please my girlfriend when giving her oral sex as she’s never had an orgasm from it. What are your tips for satisfying her in this way?No Category
26I’ve asked my partner to spice things up by “going commando” next time we go out to dinner. She just laughs and never does it – although she’s usually fairly open minded. Is it wrong to ask her that?No Category
27I'm a virgin and, due to my lack of knowledge, I'm afraid I'll turn off my new partner when we have sex. Any advice?No Category
28I'm crazy for a woman 15 years younger than me. Can a woman even imagine having sex with a guy that much older than her or am I dreaming?No Category
29I'm ready to get back in the saddle after a divorce. But I'm scared! How do I get confident about having sex with the first new person in 10 years?No Category
30Is it true that one in three couples don’t have sex on their wedding night? And does it matter if you don’t?No Category