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31Is it true that there are nerve endings reaching from the butt to the clitoris, and that's why spanking's supposed to feel good? I'm skeptical.No Category
32I've been with my girlfriend for two years. I don’t find her attractive physically anymore, but we are great together. Where do I go from here?No Category
33I've got this thing where I'd really like to watch my girlfriend please herself. What does that say about me and is there anything I can do to encourage her? She's pretty reluctant even though we've been together for a few years now.No Category
34I've never had an orgasm and am experimenting with a rabbit vibrator. I love it, but whenever it feels like I might be getting somewhere near climaxing, I can't help but pull the vibrator away. What's happening, and how can I keep going?No Category
35I've recently become fascinated with anal sex and am wondering how to (or whether I should at all) approach the topic with my girlfriend.No Category
36Lately, my girl doesn't want sex as much as she used to. We've been together two years. It takes longer to turn her on. What's happening?No Category
37Most of the time I last till my wife orgasms. She usually takes about five minutes. But could you share some techniques to last longer because she often expects (and deserves) multiple orgasms. Also, I find it hard to hold myself back when she screams dNo Category
38My boyfriend is a lot shorter than me. Can you suggest any sex positions that won't make me feel Amazonian?No Category
39My boyfriend just revealed a fantasy that freaked me out. Should I tell him, or should I forget about it?No Category
40My boyfriend lives in a different city from me, so I'd like to try phone sex but I'm not sure how to initiate it - any tips?No Category
41My dad recently opened up and told me that he’s had problems with getting an erection since he had his prostate removed a year ago. It pained him to talk about it. What’s his best plan of action to overcome this?No Category
42My fiancé and I have been sexually active for about nine years, but lately she’s been getting a tear in the perineum area. We always do plenty of foreplay and it’s not like I’m big, nor rough. How can we prevent this from happening?No Category
43My fiancee loves girl-girl porn. I know she's straight. What gives?No Category
44My girlfriend and I had a threesome when we were both drunk. Now she's really upset with me because she said I shouldn't have let it happen. I thought she wanted to. What can I do to help her feel okay about it?No Category
45My girlfriend caught me watching porn and has freaked out saying she mustn't be enough for me if I have to watch it. But it's not like that. How do I help her understand?No Category