I am a healthy 24-year-old unable to ejaculate during intercourse. Masturbation is no problem. Any ideas?

We hear so much about premature ejaculation these days you’d think that retarded ejaculation was never a problem, but it’s surprisingly common. Some medications, such as anti-depressants can cause it. But if you’re not on those and if masturbation is fine then it’s probably stress-related. There may be other stresses in your life, which you need to reduce or manage. Or it could be sex itself that’s the stress, especially if you’ve had any traumatic sex-related experience in the past. In which case you might find talking to a sex therapist useful. Many guys these days see sex as more a performance activity than a relaxing past-time, which can lead to anxiety and an inability to orgasm. Chill out, it doesn’t matter if you come or not, as long as you’re both enjoying yourself. Give yourself permission not to come during intercourse, if manual or oral stimulation works, then finish with that. Remember it’s pleasure not performance that counts!