I have an addiction to phone sex. I have had this problem for at least 10 years. It is now really starting to affect my sex life with my wife and I would like to stop it and get my life back on track. My wife has no idea of the addiction is worried about

As with any addiction, cold turkey is the hardest but most effective (hypnotherapy can help). If that’s too challenging, then identify what it is about the phone sex that turns you on so much and see if you can add those elements to your real sex. Is it the dirty talking, the anonymity, the clandestine naughtiness, is it that you can take your fantasies wherever you want them? You could talk to your wife about your ‘fantasy’ of phone sex and see if she’d like to role-play it with you. Some people are reticent to talk to their partners about edgier types of sex as they feel it’s somehow wrong to do that with their wife/mother of their children/true love/etc. Which can lead to some pretty staid sex. But in my experience the partner is often dead keen to spice things up a bit too! Broach the topic carefully, and see if you can’t make your real sex so appealing that the phone sex pales in comparison!