I used to be able to recharge after an orgasm in about 10 minutes and go again and again. But lately I can't seem cum so often and sometimes no semen will come out at all. I'm hard pressed to cum past two times. It worries me as my wife is really keen o

It’s normal to take longer between orgasms as you get older. When you’re in your teens and twenties some (but not all) men can come more than once in one session. By the time you get into your thirties and beyond it’s much less common, and one ejaculation per session is normal. This is all you need to conceive, so don’t worry about that. In fact, worrying about it will usually worsen the problem and you may find you stop ejaculating at all. So accept that once or twice is the way it is and make sure the sex is so good that once is enough! As to your testicles, they usually are sensitive to touch, but if you feel that they are unusually sensitive or have recently become extremely sensitive then it would be worth checking with your doctor.