Are multiple orgasms fact or fiction? Do all women experience them?

Multiple orgasms are most definitely fact. It’s one of the better things about being female. Not all women experience them though, in fact many women have trouble having any orgasm at all. Whether all women are capable of having them is a different question, and the jury’s still out on that one. Studies show that a woman’s sexual responsiveness is more related to how she thinks and feels than what is done to her. Women with more sexual guilt, self-blame, low self-esteem, dependancy and negativity, etc, tend to be less responsive than those who are more open-minded, experimental, comfortable in their body, etc. I suspect this is mostly to do with a woman being able to feel secure enough in herself and with her partner to be able to relax and let herself go. Having said that, having an attentive partner and sufficiently arousing activity is absolutely necessary too!