Do women prefer slow, intimate sex over fast and furious?

That’s like asking whether women prefer chocolate cake or tiramisu! It’s all good! There’s a smorgasbord of possible sexual experiences, so it’s a matter of going with the flow and being present in the experience to choose whatever delight you want.

Avoid thinking about which style or activity you’re going to do in advance, or what you think she might like. That puts you into your head and ‘performance’ type of sex which actually prevents you from getting in tune with what feels right.

Having said that, for a women to be able to open up and really express herself sexually, rather than feeling inhibited or feeling like she needs to put an act, you need to get a good connection going. That’s best achieved through plenty of luscious slower play that gets her more and more aroused and so able to express whatever she feels, whether it’s wildly wanton or deliciously deep – or any of a other million possibilities.