I have to go away on a work project for five months and my girlfriend of seven months will be 500km away. We're so in love and we'll try to see each other every few weeks, but I'm worried we'll drift apart. How can we keep the passion at the same level?

Don’t worry, true love can survive months apart. There’s phone, email and skype – plenty of ways to stay in touch, even without the physical touch. But keep that going strong and you’ll heighten your anticipation so much that the physical touch when you are together will be even better! Try games such as writing an erotic story together – she writes a bit, then you, then her… Tell each other your fantasies over the phone. Pleasure yourselves while on skype and watching each other. It’s only five months, use the time to increase your intimate connection and erotic creativity. It could be the best time of your lives (especially with those brief visits in between – how fabulous are they likely to be!)