Most of the time I last till my wife orgasms. She usually takes about five minutes. But could you share some techniques to last longer because she often expects (and deserves) multiple orgasms. Also, I find it hard to hold myself back when she screams d

Relax, it would take a strong man to hold himself back as his woman convulses into a screaming orgasm! And a grande finale of simultaneous orgasm is a very fine thing indeed. So my suggestion is that if you both want her to have more orgasms, then give them to her before you move into intercourse through manual or oral stimulation. If you’re dead keen on the multiple orgasms by intercourse alone then try positions and rhythms which are stimulating for her but less so for you. Woman on top can be good for this. A slow, constant thrusting motion can also drive your woman wild while leaving you in control. Also try entering her deeply then moving shallowly while deep inside, rather than big thrusts in and out (aim for the belly side of her vagina). All the time keep your own breathing slow and steady.