My dad recently opened up and told me that he’s had problems with getting an erection since he had his prostate removed a year ago. It pained him to talk about it. What’s his best plan of action to overcome this?

Erectile problems after prostate removal are common. Some men do return to normal erectile functioning, but it can take a year or more. To help the process it’s important that he learns to relax as worry about his erections will cause anxiety which has the opposite effect to what he wants! So he needs to accept that erection difficulties are ok, and to relax and enjoy sex regardless of whether his penis is working well or not. It’s a time to develop his sexual creativity and explore the less penis-oriented aspects of sex, he’ll become a better lover because of it. In the meantime he can supplement with viagra-type drugs to strengthen his erections, until he finds more normal functioning returns (although it may never be the same it was – but at least he’s alive).