My girlfriend of two years and I have always had lots of sex, but lately I just can't seem to hold my load. I use to be able to last at least 20 minutes, now it’s five. What’s going on?

If you used to last longer and now you can’t, look at what’s going on in your life and particularly in your relationship. Is there additional stress such as work, financial problems, new baby? Or is there tension between you and your girlfriend? These kinds of stresses can affect a guy’s ability to last. In which case you need to deal with the stress. Also, how is your girlfriend reacting to you coming more quickly – is she rude and disparaging? There’s nothing worse, and builds a vicious circle of added anxiety. Or it could be your own pressure to perform. Perhaps you misfired once or twice and now you’ve got so much performance anxiety it’s become permanent. So chill – in life and in bed. Take your time, focus on the whole experience, lighten up, laugh and enjoy!