My wife and I have tried anal sex. We usually have 20-30 minutes foreplay and she’s really turned on, but she’s still too tense. Is there a natural supplement or drug we could try to relieve tension?

A common question, I recommend this approach for maximum relaxation. Once she’s aroused enough to give anal a try, sit on the bed with your legs outstretched and have her lie across your lap. Take your time stroking her back and buttocks. Then just rest your finger on her anus for a while while still caressing. When you get the signs (small moans of pleasure and her bum moving against your finger), apply loads of lube and slowly insert one finger. As it’s going in she needs to practice pushing out and drawing in with her anal muscles. When she’s comfortable with that, insert a second (this may not be in the same session), and when she’s good with that, insert a third. Your fingers should be gentle and feel like you’re giving her an anal massage. Once she’s cool with three fingers then it should be fine to try your penis. Roll her over to lie flat on her front and gently use your weight to slowly enter, with her doing the pushing out and drawing in as you go. Keep checking in that it’s good for her, and let her set the pace.