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The Couples Series #1 Bonding

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Bonding - getting on together - is fundamental to long-lasting quality sex. 

In this e-book read the following articles:
The Three Pillars of Love
Love Thy Partner
Consensual Non-Monotony
Radical Honesty
Trust Means Being OK with Not Knowing
Communicate - Human's Can't Read Minds!
Slay the Pink Elephants!
If you want a mature relationship, you have to be mature
Share before you fix
Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Beauty of Conflict
Practice Expressing Your Feelings
The Cup of Tea Approach to Sexual Self-Coaching
Unconditional Love Requires Self-validation
Crafting the Balance
Should I stay or should I go?
Taking a Marriage Sabbatical
Renegotiate Your Contract
Self-reliance versus Need
Moving forward when your partner has wronged you
Fill Up Your Self Love Tank
Your partner can’t be everything to you
Mums and Dads Need “Cuddle Time”
Be Kind - It Works
Devotion, the way of the householder
Get a life! - your sex drive needs dopamine
Prioritise pleasure - it creates health and happiness
Flatlining or Surfing?
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