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#52: Tools for Self-Validation from a Luscious Woman

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A graduate of one of my Luscious Woman Workshops wrote to me and said that intellectually she understood the concept of self-validation, but wasn’t able to make it real until she attended my workshop.
She writes:

“For me, self-validation has required putting into practice things you advocated in Luscious Woman:

#51: Mastering The Art Of Vaginal Stimulation

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Once you’ve navigated your partner’s vagina and got to know the G, A and Ohh Spots a little better let’s look at how you can stimulate all those good spots for maximum effect. read more...

#50: G, A and Ohhhh-Spots

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You might not be quite sure where it is, but you’ve probably heard of the G-spot. 
Are you aware that there are other “spots” in the vagina too?

It’s good to know the geography of your own or your partner’s vagina - there are some good spots in there!

The G-spot is the one that gets all the press these days, there are whole books written about it. To be honest though, it’s not the favourite part of my vagina. It’s good, but for me the O-spot is better, and the A-spot is best of all!

#46: Feminine Receptivity and the Go-Getter Kind of Gal

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I was asked recently to comment on the view that too many women in the West are too actively doing things to be able to attract a man, that “if you have a feminine core, your natural essence isn't to pursue, but to be pursued.” The implication in the question was that if you’re out there and active in the world, then you can’t have that receptive feminine core.

#37: A Woman's Body Opens In Stages

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One of the main reasons women don’t reach their orgasmic potential, and why men miss out on the pleasure of their woman reaching that level, is that they go too far too soon.

A woman’s body opens up in stages. If you rush the process, she won’t be able to get there. If you kiss her before she’s ready, she won’t like it. If you touch her breasts before she’s ready she’ll be repulsed and feel like you’re groping here. If you get genital before she’s ready it will feel unpleasant, even painful, and if you enter her before she’s ready she’ll feel used/abused/bored/in pain/contemptuous, or any number of negative emotions far from the ecstatic pleasure that her man is hoping for.

Women do not have an on/off button. The clitoris is not for turning a woman on, she has to be aroused before you get genital with her. A woman needs to progress in stages. read more...

#24: Fire and Water: The Masculine and Feminine Sexual Energies

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The masculine sexual energy is like fire: it comes on quickly, burns brightly and extinguishes quickly.

The feminine sexual energy is like water: it’s slow to heat up, but once it’s boiling it will boil and boil and boil and boil…

So if we divide sex into two phases, desire and response, then the masculine has more energy in the desire phase and the feminine has more energy in the response phase.

This is why men generally tend to have a stronger libido, and why women have a greater range and intensity of arousal and orgasmic response.

#23: High Libido Women Keep Their Water Energy Simmering

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Masculine sexual energy is like fire, it comes on quickly, burns brightly and extinguishes quickly. 

Feminine sexual energy is like water: it takes longer to warm up, but once it’s hot it will boil and boil and boil…

#15: Valuing the Feminine

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

Everyone does have masculine and feminine in them, and well-developed people will have a pretty good balance within themselves. But the essence of each gender is different from the other, and if we reject one, thinking the other is somehow better, we reject a major aspect of ourselves. The Sensitive New Age Wimps, for example, are the men who have lost, or at least temporarily misplaced, their true masculinity.

The essence of the feminine is to be soft on the outside and strong on the inside. In fact it’s only by being soft on the outside that the inner strength of a woman can emanate. Otherwise, as a woman, you’re creating a false strength on the outside, which is hard to sustain, is brittle and prevents your true strength from blossoming and showing. read more...

#11: The Great G-Spot & Female Ejaculation Debate!

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Firstly, let me apologise on behalf of my profession that, in the early 21st century, we still don’t know how women’s bodies work! I find it appalling that there’s still debate over what’s in our vaginas and what effect touching various parts produces! read more...

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