How do I find my girlfriend’s G-spot and what’s the most affective way to stimulate it?

A woman’s G-spot is generally located a couple of knuckles’ depth into the vagina on the belly side. It has a corrugated feel, whereas the rest of her vagina is smooth. It should really be called the G-region as it’s not a specific spot. It’s a region of engorged tissue, not a highly concentrated area of nerve endings like the clitoris. So it won’t feel as intense as clitoral stimulation, and for some women it doesn’t feel like much if anything at all.

You can stimulate it with your fingers by making a ‘come hither’ motion over the area (stroking from the back to the front), or tapping. Simultaneously pressing down just above her pelvic bone on the outside can add to the sensation. Many sex toys these days are curved to access that area better too. And any sexual position where your penis is rubbing against the area may work too. Keep in mind that everyone’s different and you’ll have to experiment to see what works for the two of you. Personally I prefer the AFE spot, deeper in – but that’s a topic for another day!