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Take Your LoveLife to a Higher Level

Couples Mountain Retreat

Are you romantic adventurers on a quest for spiritual, sexual and relationship growth?

Join Jacqueline at a three-day LoveLife Couples Retreat in the Blue Mountains, now in its twelfth year!

Upcoming retreats: 9-11 February, 17-19 May, 16-18 August and 8-10 November 2024.

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Become Sexually Empowered

LoveLife Women's Retreat

Are you wanting to discover the beauty and power of your female sexuality?

Join Jacqueline at one of her gorgeous, empowering LoveLife Women's Retreats. Now in it's sixteenth year!

Upcoming Retreats: 5-7 April and 2-4 August 2024.

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Deepen your love & connection

Couples Bali Retreat

Are you on a quest for spiritual, sexual and relationship empowerment?

Let Jacqueline take you on a wonderful journey of discovery during this five-day retreat deep in the tropical hills of Bali.

Upcoming dates: 2-6 December 2024

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Be Informed, Entertained and Inspired

Professional Speaking

Jacqueline is one of those rare experts who is both exceptionally knowledgable and incredibly comfortable in front of an audience or camera.

She has a real skill in presenting engaging, intelligent, inspiring material on a very challenging topic in a way that enables people to feel comfortable and relaxed - and to leave feeling informed, entertained and enlightened.

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