I just started dating a guy who is yet to make me climax. One night I faked it (I know I shouldn’t have) and now he thinks he’s on the right track in the bedroom. Do I tell him and risk shattering his ego or keep tight lipped in the hope the real thing

Oh no, you didn’t! Please, place your hand over your heart and swear loud and strong: “I will not fake orgasm!” Swear it again. And again. There is never an excuse to fake it, especially not to make your partner feel better. I had a client once who’d been faking orgasm for seven years – and wanted to stop faking and start coming, without him finding out she’d been faking! What a challenge. At least you’ve realised your error early on. Look, the best thing is to be honest with him. If he takes offence you don’t want to be with someone with such a delicate ego anyway. And if he doesn’t, well, you know you’ve got yourself a man and not a wimp, and more importantly, even crucially, you’re setting yourselves up for a relationship with open communication around sex.