I love going down on my girlfriend, but the truth is I'm more enthusiastic than skilful. Any pointers

Enthusiasm could be the problem – no girl wants to feel like you’re a dog licking out its bowl! Focused gentleness is what’s needed down there. There’s an excellent book “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner, which has very good detail. But the key thing is to note her response to find out what she does and doesn’t like. That means noting her breathing and the sounds she’s making. It’s also good simply to ask: do you like this type of tongue movement, do you like this speed, do you like this pressure, do you like me using fingers inside you at the same time, etc? You’re not a mind reader, you need to ask. But make it fun! Pretend you’re a scientist doing ‘research’ or a doctor, or just be light and curious. And remember – practice makes perfect!