I suffer from mild premature ejaculation. How can I prolong my enjoyment?

Wanting to prolong enjoyment is not necessarily premature ejaculation. That’s an important distinction, because if you think there’s something ‘wrong’ with you, you can get anxious about it, which worsens the problem. It’s easier to ‘last longer’ than ‘fix a problem’.

There’s a lot you can do, and I can’t cover it all in 150 words (I’ll ask Bruce the editor if I can write a whole article on this topic!). But three key points are:

1) Be aware of your level of arousal so you can consciously slow down, change position, change rhythm or tempo or whatever else it takes to ease off the intensity. Practice taking your time and increasing and decreasing your level of arousal when you’re having solo sex.
2) You can help hold off ejaculation by squeezing your pelvic muscles; or by pressing just below the head or the base of your penis, with your thumb and forefingers; or by pressing into your perineum.
3) Keep your breathing deep and regular, make your focus your whole bodies not just your genitals; and remember that thinking about grandma or dead dogs generally worsens the situation!