I've been with my girlfriend for two years. I don’t find her attractive physically anymore, but we are great together. Where do I go from here?

You need switch back into the mode you were in when you did find her attractive. You’ve probably become complacent about her, spending too much time together and not seeing her as the goddam sexy woman she is! So you need to put yourselves in situations where you can see her as ‘other’, that is, not as your girlfriend who you see around you all the time. Try going out and noticing how other men look at her, with fresh eyes, I bet they see her as attractive. Spend more time apart so that you’ve got time to miss her and want her and yearn for her. Then when you meet, make sure you’re already dressed up looking hot, like you did when you first dated. Keep doing different, new, and sexy things together, so that you keep the erotic spark alive between you.