Is it true that one in three couples don’t have sex on their wedding night? And does it matter if you don’t?

Sure - at the end of the biggest day of your life it’s pretty common for the newlyweds to be too shagged to shag! If that’s the case, it’s just as good to fall into a gorgeous loving newly-wedded embrace that night and then have fantastic sex in the morning after a good night’s sleep! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all – as long as both agree that that’s what they’ll do. Troubles only start with differing expectations and poor communication. So if one wants to, or feels they should, and the other rolls over and goes to sleep, that’s not a good start to marital bliss. Far better to look into each other’s eyes and murmur lovingly how much you want your first wedded love-making to be wonderful, so let’s wait till morning… although that approach in itself might make them change their minds, AND have great sex the next morning too!