My girlfriend of four years will always go down on me but won't let me go down on her at all. I have never heard of a woman who doesn't like oral sex. She won't let me try other things, either - it's the same tired script. This is a constant source of f

A mutually satisfying sex life is essential to a good on-going relationship, so it is important that the two of you sort this out. The main reason for a woman not liking oral sex is because she doesn’t feel good about her genitals. I see it all the time. Many women can’t believe that a man would really like going ‘down there’ because they think their genitals are ugly/smelly/weird. So many girls are brought up not to feel connected with their genitals, and the media still encourages women to feel bad about their bodies. Getting her to believe that you really do think the space between her legs is heaven on earth is not easy. I do a two-day workshop for women to help them feel good about themselves sexually – it’s the best thing I know to turning a woman’s self-image around!