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The Couples Series #3 Bonking

  • $3.99
Bonking - so this is what you do once you've got the bonding and beforeplay happening (so read the other two e-books in the Couples Series first!)

Articles in this e-book are:
Third Level Love-Making
Sink In to Sync In
The Yin and Yang of Sex Chemistry
The Picnic Approach to Sex
Ban Penetration!
Three Types of Sex All Couples Need
Five parts of sex: beforeplay, foreplay, moreplay, coreplay, afterplay
Your 'Great Sex' Project
The Number One Secret to Good Sex
On Being Real
Try A Little Tenderness
Subtle Shifts to Great Sex
Prioritising Sex
Planning for Pleasure
The Bedroom is for Expression, Not Suppression
“When One is Pretending, the Whole Body Revolts”
If sex hurts, change what you’re doing
Partnered Sex is not Solo Sex for two
How Often Should We Have Sex?
A Multitude of Orgasmic Possibilities (incl orgasm without the dopamine drop)
Intercourse as Foreplay
Sex doesn’t have to involve the genitals
The Pleasure of A Soft Cock
Do Your Research - It's Fun!
Sex as Entree not Dessert
Simple Sex is Good Sex
Your Sexual Makeover
The Man Leads, the Woman Embellishes
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