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The Couples Series #2 BeforePlay

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BeforePlay is everything you do before you even get to the bedroom. It's the most important part of sex - if you want good sex that is - and the part that tends to get lost in a long-term relationship!

Articles in this e-book are: 
Maintaining the “Mmm-Factor”
Quanta of Yumminess
Getting to Sex can be like getting to the Gym
Foreplay and Be-Foreplay
Things that make you go mmm and things that make you go ngh
Let’s Talk About (Our) Sex
Your Bedroom As Sanctuary
It's the Sum of the Small Things
How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways...
Stocking Up Your Love Larder
There Is Always A Lower Desire Partner
Know your sexual ‘rhythm’ or cycle
Pelvic Floor Pleasures - The Basics
Pelvic Floor Pleasures - Advanced
Good Rest=Good Sex
Sex is Good, Sleep is Better
Chill Out in Your Sanctuary
BeforePlay Suggestions
Space is Erotic
True Intimacy
Solo Sex
Coming From A Place of "Yes!"
The Chilled Build
Make the Lead-Up Erotic
Seven Sex Tips for Busy People
Meditate Your Way to Great Sex
Peace, Pleasure and Goodwill to All
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