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The Essentials Series: Men

  • $3.99
Men - essential information you need to know about being a man or being with a man.

Articles in this e-book are:
Valuing the Masculine
When He Can't Come
To Come or Not To Come
Penis Size
Is Porn Making Men Less Masculine?
Mastering The Art Of Vaginal Stimulation
Men Need a Muse, Not A Vagina
Ban Penetration!
Why A Masculine Man Would Want A Choosy Woman
The Etiquette of Observing Breasts
The Pleasure of A Soft Cock
My Ejaculation Opens the Door to Deeper Orgasm
The Sensual Man
Penises Love A Soft Touch
A Penis is for Connection, not Penetration
Fire and Water: The Masculine and Feminine Sexual Energies
"Make Every Stroke Count"
Men Have Not Evolved to 'Sow Their Seed Widely'
The Awesomeness of Men Who Are Present
Not-So-Secret Men's Business
Three Things a Masculine Man Needs
Men Circulating Sexual Energy
The Best Thing A Man Can Do For His Daughters
What do men love best about sex? Their partner’s pleasure!
Take Your Penis for A Walk
An erection does not have to be serviced
When he’s lost interest
Intensity repels, enticement attracts
Solo Cultivation
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