Couples Tanta Retreat in Bali

Are you on a quest for spiritual, sexual and relationship empowerment?

Cultivate love through an enriched sexuality..

Then let me, Jacqueline Hellyer, take you on a wonderful journey of discovery during my five-day Bali Couples Retreat at the stunning Bambu Indah boutique eco resort deep in the tropical hills of Bali.

You’ll learn the concepts and practices of Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating, strengthening your relationship and deepening your spiritual and erotic connection.

As a Transpersonal Sexologist, I bring together empowering practices and understanding from a wide range of sources, combining modern scientific knowledge and therapeutic practices with ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom, to create an experience for the two of you that will have you connecting more deeply and opening up more fully than ever before.

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resuming in 2023

couples tantra retreat bali
couples tantra retreat bali
couples tantra retreat bali


See what Couples Tantra Retreat Couples say about their Bali Experience

jacqueline hellyer review

""The opening up to my own sexuality and what it means for us as a couple has been way beyond my expectations. I’ve felt safe and loved the sense of playfulness and the choices we’ve had whether or how to participate. I go away hugely enriched.”"

jacqueline hellyer review

"“I thought this retreat would expand our sex life, but it didn’t so much expand as turn our sex life upside down! I’m now seeing the world with a new, exciting, slightly bewildering new light!”"

jacqueline hellyer review

""We want to thank you so very much for the most wonderful week in paradise, both literally and metaphorically. Having been to your workshops previously we knew for sure that we were in for a week of lusciousness, but our week with you in Bali was more gloriously luscious and inspiring than we could have imagined.”"

jacqueline hellyer review

"Thanks so much for a life changing 5 days! We were truly impacted and challenged beyond our expectations so thank you."

What You’ll Do During this Couples Retreat

There are two to three Lessons in Love per day:

Morning love lessons, 10am-12noon, focus on Tantric practices and spiritual connection and are more experiential, covering breath work, meditation, energy sharing, mindfulness, and so forth.
Afternoon love lessons, 3-5pm, are more discussion-oriented, focusing on your relationship so you understand your dynamic and can connect more consciously and positively.
Evening love lessons, 7-9pm, consist of sensual and luscious activities..... There are also plenty of ‘homework’ suggestions!

We start at 10am each day (except day one which starts at 3pm), there is a 2-3 hour break, then another group session, a break before dinner, then an evening activity - so you'll have plenty of time to practice. On day three we have a longer afternoon session and you have the evening to yourselves.

There is also a field trip to an ancient temple for a couples blessing, to bathe in men’s and women’s pools and have a picnic.

Please be assured that as with all my workshops, this Couples Retreat is completely classy and sleaze-free, with no need for self-disclosure and no nudity or sexual interaction. That's the homework!

couples tantra retreat love couples tantra retreat love
couples tantra retreat jacqueline hellyer couples tantra retreat fire couples tantra retreat embracing couples tantra retreat hands

What You’ll Learn During this Couples Retreat

1. Learn how Tantric wisdom relates to sexuality, its physiological basis, and why it’s so important for modern lovers. I love the way science is reaffirming ancient wisdom in so many ways, particularly when it comes to sex. The Tantric approach is essentially a dyadic movement-based embodied mindfulness approach to love-making - connected, erotic, intimate. It’s about slowing down so that you’re in the chill zone, as good sex is not possible if you’re stressed; it’s about'syncing in to sink in’ as you can’t have good sex if you’re not connected; and it’s about being mindful, as you can’t have good sex if you’re not present to the experience. I explain the theory and present the practices in a way that is appropriate for contemporary couples. As so many participants say, it’s not ‘woo hoo’ or ‘fluffy’, it makes good practical sense that you can incorporate into ‘real’ life.

2. Learn how to keep your ‘Couple Bubble’ strong. There are three entities in your relationship, each of you as individuals and you as a couple. When your ‘couple bubble’ is strong, your connection extends into your individuality and makes life connected and resilient. A strong Couple Bubble means really understanding your partner, and yourself, so that you connect and communicate in a way that works for your partner as much as yourself. Essentially you become experts on each other.

3. Learn how to talk about sex, to develop an erotic language together. One of the key elements of the retreats is that you’ll learn how to actually talk about sex. This means learning how to have open, supportive communicationin general, and particularly in regard to sex. People often tell me I give them a language to talk about sex, and in the immersive experience of a retreat you’ll certainly discover how you can talk about sex in an open, creative, inspiring, erotic and non-sleazy way! It’s kind of like making sex a mutual hobby.

4. Learn how to merge your sex and love energy so that you keep yourselves ‘simmering’.I believe that one of the most powerful elements of the approach I teach is that you merge the love and sex energies - which is one of the reasons that it is good for long-term lovers as it’s not just about lust. Once you get this, you can constantly share this energy between you. You’ll find yourselves sending each other little quanta of this delicious energy all through the day, keeping your couple bubble strong and keeping the two of you ‘simmering’ so it’s easier to move into love-making.

5. Learn how to explore the ecstasy of the ‘valleys' as well as the intensity of the ‘peaks' of sex. While vigorous sex, what we can call the ‘peaks’ of sex, has its appeal, it’s in the valleys of sex that you find real ecstasy. In the retreats you have time to really explore how to relax your genitals and get very present in them so that you can have extraordinarily beautiful sexual experiences. You’ll discover the many and varied ways of being orgasmic and how to lengthen and sustain erotic and sexual connection (as well as how to have a Tantric quickie!).

6. Learn ways to pleasure each other for heightened erotic arousal. We explore what I call the yin and yang of sex - exploring the concepts of giving and receiving, leading and following, intensity and subtlety. You’ll learn about the Seven Elements of Sex, which I personify as the seven gods and goddesses of sex within you - elements of your sexual being. By tapping into these elements you can become integrated within your individual and partnered sexuality and explore your eroticism.

7. Develop an approach to sex that is endlessly creative and satisfying! That’s what it’s really about! When you can keep your connection strong, communicate openly and explore together, you’ll find that your love-life thrives. The retreat is a start, or part of an on-going journey of life and love together.

couples tantra retreat bali

Please note that this Retreat is designed for couples who are in a good space and want to get even better. If your relationship is deeply troubled, please have private sessions with me first, in person or online.

Details and Accommodation

Resuming in 2023. Stay tuned for dates!

The retreat is held at the gorgeous eco-resort Bambu Indah, Ubud, Bali. There are antique Javanese bridal houses and modern bamboo houses to choose from to stay in at the resort.

Couples of all ages and stages of life and relationship. Some are healing their relationship, some are starting a relationship,others have a great relationship and that’s in part because they do cool things together like this retreat! Up to ten couples per retreat. Same sex couples welcome!

Two to three workshop sessions per day, relevant cultural activities, plus plenty of time off!

The retreat fee is $A2990 per couple (about $US2000) plus accommodation.
Includes: welcome and farewell dinners.

We’ve reserved most of the houses for the retreat. Once you’ve booked in, let us know which you would like and we will advise the venue, who will then contact you regarding payment.
Please book accommodation for all five nights of the retreat as the final day of the retreat finishes in the evening. These prices include 21% taxes.

couples tantra retreat accommodation couples tantra retreat accommodation
couples tantra retreat accommodation
couples tantra retreat accommodation
couples tantra retreat accommodation

Book into the Love Life Couples Bali Retreat

On booking you will need to pay a $1500 deposit. Then I'll invoice you for the remainder, which is due six weeks before the retreat. Please contact me if you'd like more information before booking in.


couples tantra retreat terms

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

On a personal note:

I’ve been running couples’ workshops and retreats for thirteen years now and I absolutely love them. There is so much crap in our society around sex within relationships, so many limiting myths and misinformation, that it’s a great privilege for me to shine a light on this part of life!

It’s hard to find really good quality, empowering information on sex as it changes and evolves throughout a lifetime. Well, I'm the sex geek who has done the research and can present it to you in a really positive, accessible way. I’ve been working in this field for nearly 20 years and have helped countless couples discover for themselves how awesome their sexuality and their relationship can be. So I hope I can be that for you too.

Over this retreat I’ll distill all my knowledge and experience, to guide you in your evolution as a couple. I hope you will join me, and let me help you discover the beauty and power of connection and sexuality within a loving relationship!

jacqueline hellyer sex therapist
jacqueline hellyer couples tantra retreat


All photos are shown with permission. You will get a great photo like this when you attend the retreat, but of course it's not at all obligatory to have your photo here!

Tantra Retreat FAQs

No, all the houses have been reserved in advance. Once you book in with me I'll let you know which houses are still available so that you choose yours. I'll let Bambu Indah know your choice and then you'll directly with them to confirm your booking and make payment.

There are no group activities during the workshops, it's rather like ten individual retreats going on at the same time, with each couple focused on themselves.

But socially, that depends on you! Some couples are quite gregarious and friendly and others keep to themselves. Generally anyone who comes on this retreat is a pretty cool couple, dedicated to their love and growth, so generally it's a very open and loving group of people and often new friendships are made.

You are welcome to stay elsewhere, although it is so lovely that I highly recommend you do!

No, everything is provided. You might want to bring a small speaker to play music in your house.

Yes, all food requirements can be met. And it's all delicious!

Read your partner all the testimonials on this page and show your partner the photos of all the very 'normal' looking participants!

I'm happy to have a chat with anyone who needs to be reassured.

If at any time you want some time out or don't want to participate, you are very welcome to have a break or sit out. That's totally up to you.

I will be available to everyone on the retreat to make sure you feel comfortable and supported. As a therapist I will be available to talk to participants during the breaks.

Absolutely! Love is love and everyone is welcome.

If you're not sure, feel free to contact me and I'll give you a call to discuss your situation. As long as you're in a reasonably good space you should be fine. If you have big issues or are volatile then I recommend you see me or one of my colleagues at The LoveLife Clinic for private sessions first. Often couples do have a session or more with me before attending the retreat, and some have private sessions afterwards to consolidate and focus on individual issues.

You pay a 50% deposit on booking. This is done through PayPal's secure payment gateway. The remainder needs to be paid up to a month in advance by bank transfer, credit card or through PayPal.

If you need a different payment plan, such as paying in smaller installments, please contact me to make an arrangement that suits.

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