Seven Sex Goddesses for the Contemporary Woman

Fill in the missing link - your sexuality - for complete empowerment as a modern woman.

Sex advice through erotic stories for women by leading sex therapist and educator Jacqueline Hellyer.

I’ve spent thousands of hours talking to women in my therapy practice, seminars and retreats, and all through life - and I know how confusing being a woman can be these days: are you supposed to be soft or strong, sexy or demure? You don’t want to be the asexual prude of the bad old days, but is the only alternative to be some kind of porn-star clone?

Absolutely not! 

Meet the Seven Sex Goddesses and discover how they can help you truly embody your sexuality and express yourself fully as a woman! The Goddesses represent fundamental psychic energies that you can draw on to awaken your sexual potential. You'll become more sexually confident and expressive, have more sexual desire and greater sexual response!

This modern view on the Goddesses of Sex is the result of my pioneering, original research in female sexuality and it’s having major positive impacts on women - and their partners. 

Consider this book a manual for self-discovery. Each Goddess is accompanied by a fictional, historical erotic story to convey the feeling of these energies in a way that is accessible for you as a modern-day woman. Then through 24 illustrative erotic stories you'll also follow the journeys of three fictional modern women as they experience the energy of each Goddess in their lives.

“I’ve helped countless women get in touch with their sexuality, and I can help you feel the way you deserve to feel - fabulous!”

What You’ll Discover in this Book

Part 1: A Rant on Female Sexual Potential

The first part is a bit of a rant about how crazy it is that female sexuality is potentially so awesome yet as a society we’ve got it so wrong. I explain my insights into why it got screwed up and then go on about what our potential actually is and how the Goddesses came to be as a way to help modern women get in touch with the beauty and power of their sexuality.

Part 2: Meet the Seven ‘Goddesses’ Inside You

The second part introduces the Goddesses. There is a description of each, and then, because descriptions tend to be head stuff and I want you to feel the Goddesses, there is also a short story, more of a vignette really, in which the energy or essence of each Goddess is portrayed in a fictional, historical character. 

Part 3: Educational Erotica

The third part is what I like to think of as ‘educational erotica’. I’ve created three modern female characters, syntheses of the hundreds of women I’ve worked with over the years - Sally, a young single woman; Marion, married with young children; and Carmen, an older woman who left her long boring marriage and is enjoying an invigorated love life with her new partner. Each one has a series of erotic encounters in which she is expressing the energy, the essence of each of the Goddesses.