Luscious Lovers Couples Tantra Workshop

Deepen connection and surrender to playful sexual freedom!
@ The Luscious Lovers Tantra-Inspired Workshop for Couples 

- A Sex and Relationship Workshop for Couples

Luscious Lovers is a classy and contemporary evening Workshop for Couples designed to:

  • enhance the physical aspects of love-making
  • deepen intimacy and connection in sex and your relationship
  • expand and heighten eroticism
  • help you surrender to playful sexual freedom

Designed for the modern couple, this couples workshop focusing on sex and relationships is classy and sleaze-free. There's no nudity, no uncomfortable disclosure, and no embarrassing displays; just a lot of good practical, luscious information and activities to deepen and enhance your love life as a 21st century couple.

The Luscious Lovers Couples Workshop covers a broad range of areas to do with sex, intimacy and relationships including:

  • Tantric energy-based activities
  • heightening sensory arousal
  • understanding mindful, conscious Tantric sex
  • props and procedures
  • sensual touch.

Prioritize your relationship!

Couples of all ages and stages of life attend this workshop for couples, some are new and others have been together for decades. Some come because they are looking to improve their relationship, others just want a fun and sensual evening out together.

Common concerns about attending are:

  • It will be too New-Age-ish: it's not at all, it's very modern, no hippy fluff;
  • It will be embarrassing doing stuff in front of other people: you don't do anything in front of other people, everyone is focused on themselves, and you don't do anything more than hug;
  • You'll have to talk about yourselves: you don't have to share anything except your first name.

I recommend that you also attend the men’s and women’s workshops run over the proceeding two evenings for a complete experience. The three workshops are designed to work together and you will get a lot of additional and useful information and experience from attending those workshops to maximise the benefit of attending the couples workshop. 

Prioritise your relationship, take the time out to deepen your love and connection and become Luscious Lovers! 

If you have any questions or want to chat about the workshop before booking, please feel free to  first.

Book into the Luscious Lovers Couples Workshop

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

Dates: TBA
Location: Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW
Cost: $330 per couple (includes dinner)
Time: 5:30-9:30pm

Maximum eight couples.

Take a look at this video of Luscious Lovers featured on 60 Minutes:

Looking forward to spending luscious time with you!

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Workshop Testimonials

"From me a huge hug and big big thank you for the wonderful content, presentation at Luscious Lovers, and most of all the love you shared with us."

"I loved my time at the Luscious Lovers workshop - truly amazing."

"I loved the experiential nature of Luscious Lovers - it was brilliant and acted as a stimulus to reconnecting."

"It was so good to take time out to reconnect."

"It was very special "seeing" each other and "reconnecting", I guess you just don't realise how you don't often just 'look at each other'."

"Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed Luscious Lovers immensely. Happy to say that we really connected that day and had some of the most amazing sex when we got home!!!!

"Luscious Lovers was so good we're back to do it a second time!"

"My husband says he's so pleased I made him attend Luscious Lovers. Since Saturday we have noticed a real shift in our energies towards each other almost like switching from AM to FM radio, the difference is that noticeable."

"My partner and I feel closer since the Luscious Lovers workshop. Before this my partner said he felt a lot of pressure to live up to a macho male image, but when he saw how much other men were willing to give the gentle tantric caressing to their partners, he's started doing this at home."

"Thanks Jacqueline, we both had an extraordinary day."

"Thank-you for an awesome workshop, it was perfect in every way."

"The course helped us remember the importance of completely "being" with each other - not just physically, but on a much deeper level. We will take this into the bedroom and practice the art of real love-making, not just sex!"

"We both found it enjoyable, beneficial and more! It was the breakthrough we’ve been searching for."

"We loved every minute of Luscious Lovers. It was such a beautiful experience to be surrounded by so much love. Thank you for filling up our love bank!"

"We really enjoyed the Luscious Lovers workshop, so much so that we raced home afterwards and got it on! Grrrrrrrrr to say the least – Lol."

"Thanks so much, we will be recommending Luscious Lovers to all and sundry with gusto!"

“WOW! THANK YOU for making the time really special for us and highlighting some of the simple things we can do as Luscious Lovers."