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The Tantric Lounge - monthly Tantra workshops 

Experiential Workshops combining Science and Spirituality for Greater Love

Live Consciously, Live La Vida Tantrika!

I meet a lot of sensual explorers, scientific mystics and spiritual intellectuals - people on a quest to find meaning in their sexuality, people who know that sexuality and spirituality are linked, that the concept of conscious sexuality is important - these are people who want to live La Vida Tantrika.

I'm often asked: "How can I/we continue this Tantric practice?" or "Where can I meet people interested in Tantra, Spirituality and Conscious Sexuality?"

The answer is: at The Tantric Lounge!

"What do I say to you for taking me on a magical adventure of discovery yet again? My most heartfelt thanks for an incredible Saturday night at The Tantric Lounge.”

“Your workshops are so fun, connective and amazing, just a joy to participate in. You definitely have great skills in putting together a very cool experience for people."

What is The Tantric Lounge?

This is my most purely spirituality-based event, where we experiment and play with concepts drawn from a range of different spiritual traditions. We’ve done all sorts of things from tea ceremony to tango! So the idea is to explore spirituality and it’s relationship to sexuality in a contemporary, sophisticated framework. 

The activities at the Lounge are not obviously sexual, and always classy and clothes on. The activities and discussions are designed to cultivate you to become the kind of person who can live La Vida Tantrika (the Tantric Life) and as part of that fully embrace your sexuality and use it for personal and spiritual growth. (Anyone who misbehaves or makes others feel uncomfortable will be banned - it hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll be tough if it does!)

The Lounge is held every four to six weeks on a Saturday evening. Over three hours I take participants on a lusciously sensual and spiritual journey into consciousness, sexuality and spirituality. Afterwards we stay on for delicious dinner and delightful conversation under the stars.

"The Tantric Lounge has surpassed any expectations I had of attending such an event and I find myself feeling exhilarated from the experience to a whole new degree after each session.” 

What happens at a Tantric Lounge?

Each gathering has a theme and the activities build on each other over the evening, enabling participants to go deeper into the experience. 

“It is beautiful how each activity builds on the previous one like blocks, so that by the end of the evening we are engaging in the most divine magical experiences that we could never have got to otherwise!”

Please note that this is deep work and is not recommended for spiritual beginners. If the idea of attending appeals, but you’re not sure, please contact me to have a chat first.

This work has three key foci:

  • You feel more 
  • You balance your yin and yang energies and expression
  • You work with energy and deepen connection with yourself and others.

I draw on knowledge and experience from a range of traditions combined with modern science and transpersonal coaching and therapy practice. So we'll be engaging in activities that include:

  • Tantric and Taoist practices
  • Musing and Meditating
  • Movement and Energy
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Discussion, Laughter and Great Conversation!

    As with all my workshops there is no nudity or sexual contact and it is completely tasteful and sleaze-free.

    “Thanks very much for a great evening. It was fun meeting you and the other participants and having the opportunity to be stimulated sexually, emotionally & intellectually. The food of life!"

    "Thanks so much for your space on Saturday evening. I really enjoyed The Tantric Lounge. It helped me cross a few hurdles. A very safe space and everyone was lovely.”

    Who Can Attend The Tantric Lounge?

    The Lounge is open to individuals and couples. The ‘couple bubble’ is fully respected and couples have the option to participate in group activities or stay focused on each other.

    Numbers are limited to enable me to hold a deep space for participants. It’s vital in this work that the facilitator’s energy stays strong and connected to each participant. 

    “Jacqueline, you are so extraordinarily professional. I’ve done a lot of courses in this area and yours are so far above the rest in terms of content and presentation.”

    "Thank you for the wonderful Tantric Lounge session, we really enjoyed it. You are a very good facilitator, and an absolute expert in this area of life and love."

    Themes in 2015

    In 2015 through to the first part of 2016 we’re going through a sequence of twelve sessions of Lounges, focusing on one chakra for each Lounge. We started with the heart chakra and the theme of ‘love' on Valentine’s Day (of course!) and are working our way outwards and back in again.

    Themes for the full sequence of workshops are: 
    • February:  Heart chakra -  Love
    • March:  Solar Plexus chakra -  Boundaries, Safety and Freedom
    • May:  Throat chakra - Asking for What You Want
    • June:  Sacral chakra -  Relaxation & Sexual Healing 
    • August:  Third Eye chakra -   Insight
    • September:  Base chakra -   Sensing the Physical
    • October: Crown chakra - Cathecting the Divine
    • November:  Sacral chakra -   Sexual Energy & Expression
    • December: Third Eye chakra -  Intuition
    • February: Solar Plexus chakra -  Intention & Will
    • March: Throat chakra - Sound Intimacy
    • April: Heart chakra -  Love

    "Jacqueline's workshops are fun, informative, sensual, and in many ways deeply profound."

    This is Tantra for the 21st Century - modern and sophisticated

    Where: Egg of the Universe, 711 Darling Street, Rozelle, Sydney
    When: Saturday 6-9pm for the Lounge and 9-11pm for dinner
    Who: For individuals and couples - up to 35 participants.
    Cost: $55 per person, plus optional gourmet wholefoods dinner and fine wine afterwards $35 per person.

    "Beautiful space, held so well and gorgeous eclectic crowd."

    Book into The Tantric Lounge  

    Click on the date below to book. If you're coming with a partner make sure both of you book in.

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    The Tantric Lounge 21 November

    You'll receive a confirmation email asking you to pay the fee in advance via Paypal - your place won’t be confirmed until I receive payment.

    It’s held in a yoga studio (although we won’t be doing yoga) so please wear comfortable clothes you can easily move around in.

    Any questions - please contact me

    "I am personally so grateful for participating in Saturday's Tantric Lounge, connecting with a group of people with beautiful, fertile rich energy.”

    “Thanks for the Tantric Lounge session, it was a very wonderful and different experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it, as it helps open up yourself to others in a very subtle and respectful way. It was a wonderful group and the exercises were well designed. The dinner after the session was amazing as well.”

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Lounge!