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With over 20 years of experience and more than 10,000 hours of client contact, I am a leading expert on all matters sex, love and intimacy. As well as providing sex therapy and relationship counselling in The LoveLife Clinic, I also offer Tantra-inspired retreats, online sexual empowerment courses and the LoveLife Blog & Podcast. Combining the best of modern science and therapeutic practice with ancient spiritual wisdom, let me offer you a road map, to shine a light in this often confusing area and help you create your best possible love life!

Sex Therapy & Relationship Counselling

Lovelife Clinic

My specialist team at The LoveLife Clinic offers a range of services from therapy on sexual dysfunction and relationship challenges to coaching on spicing up a jaded love life and personal sexual empowerment.

We are all highly trained and experienced in sex therapy and relationship counselling, and take an holistic approach to provide quality, effective guidance and support to individuals and couples. In person in Sydney or online.

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Immersive Events to Deepen Connection

Lovelife Retreats

Join me on these beautiful immersive experiences and discover mindful, bodyful, soulful sex and relating.

Combining ancient Tantric wisdom and modern science you'll increase your connection, heighten your pleasure and deepen your love! Couples retreats in Australia and Bali, and women's sexual empowerment retreats in Australia.

Or have me as an informative and inspiring speaker at your event!

Join my experiential retreats & workshops.

Develop Sexual Confidence & Mastery

Lovelife Courses

Evolve in your sexuality with my online sexual empowerement courses for men and for women - Blackbelt in the Bedroom and Luscious Woman.

Gain access to my huge wealth of knowledge and learn what it really takes to be a confident, conscious, connected lover - anytime, anywhere!

Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your home!

Mindful, Bodyful, Soulful Loving

Lovelife Socials

Discover plenty more of my expertise to help you reach your sexual potential with my blog, podcasts, books, videos and more!

Read over 360 articles I've written on all things to do with relationships, sex, love and intimacy on my LoveLife Blog.

All available as podcasts too. It's some of the best advice on the net!

Reach your sexual potential!

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