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Collections of my blog and other articles on sex, love and intimacy. Buy them individually or buy whole series at a three for two price! The Essentials Series & Couples Series are available now. The Sex Play Series will be released soon.

The Essentials Series: Sex Matters

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Sex Matters - essential information you need to know about sex. The writings in this ebook are all to do with ditching myths and becoming sex positive.

Articles in this ebook are:
Great Sex - Hell-yer! - Get A Whole New View of Sex
The Third Wave of Sexuality
Your Sexual Makeover
A Rose-Coloured Brain - Neuroplasticity and Moulding Your Brain for Better Sex
Ditch the Myths
A History of Sexual Misinformation
The Adolescent Male Masturbatory Model of Sex
Porn star vs Prude
Why Humans Are So Sexual
Sex Is The Base
So Many Boxes
Sex is a Normal Part of Life
We Judge ‘Normal’ on Our Own Experiences
An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
The Breadth of Sexuality & The Importance of Fun
Twelve Benefits of Sex
Bringing Kids Up To Be Sex Positive
Vive La Difference
Sexual Pleasure is the Great Equalizer
Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth
Are Humans Monogamous - and if not, what does that mean?
Big Sex is Beautiful Sex
Turn yourself on and the world turns on to you
The Good and Bad of Porn
Erotica or Sleaze
Fetishes are Fine
Spectra of Sexuality
Our Bodies Thrive on Pleasure
Trust Your Body
Bonking on the right side of the brain
jacqueline hellyer

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Around 300 articles by Jacqueline collated into three series of nine e-books.

The Essentials Series:

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 The Sex Play Series:
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  • Sensual Sex - erotic lovemaking
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