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Contemporary Tantra - helping modern people cultivate meaningful love and relationships!

Combining the best of ancient wisdom with modern scientific and therapeutic knowledge, these LoveLife events are designed to help modern people learn an approach to sex, love and intimacy that increases connection, heightens pleasure, deepens love and enhances life

If you are on a quest to find meaning in your sexuality, if you have a sense that sexuality and spirituality are linked, that the concept of conscious, mindful sexuality and relating is important, then please browse what’s on offer and book in.

All events are tasteful, clothed and completely sleaze-free!

... cultivate love through an enriched sexuality

Over five long, languid days you’ll learn and practice Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating and discover the concepts and practices of Tantra, strengthening your relationship and deepening your spiritual and erotic connection.
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...deepen your love, strengthen your connection

Leave the cares of the world behind and immerse yourselves in your 'couple bubble', as I lead you on a wonderful journey into Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relating. Find out how your sexual connection can be mindful, bodyful and soulful.
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Upcoming Events your inner Goddess(es)

Are we supposed to be good girls or bad girls, madonnas or whores, porn stars or prudes? How can you be authentically your natural gorgeous sexual self? What does that even mean? 2019 dates will be announced soon!
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Upcoming Events

There are no events scheduled at this time



Hello, I'm Jacqueline Hellyer (BSc, BA, MSc, MSc), one of Australia’s foremost authorities on sex and relationships. Highly qualified and with thousands of hours of experience working directly with individuals and couples, I'm proud to be a Sex & Relationship Geek    - fascinated by sex, love and intimacy in all its aspects from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual.

My passion is to help people cultivate love through their sexuality and use it to create greater connection, well-being and meaning in life.    I look forward to helping you too! Read more.


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Upcoming Retreats & Workshops