I've recently become fascinated with anal sex and am wondering how to (or whether I should at all) approach the topic with my girlfriend.

The anal area can be very erogenous. There are masses of nerve endings and both men and women can potentially have anal orgasms. The forbidden ‘naughty’ elements of anal sex can also be a huge turn-on. However, for many people there is a strong ‘ick’ factor, they may feel uncomfortable with the submissive aspects, and of course it can be really painful if not done well!

So, sure, you can approach the topic with your girlfriend. You could leave this page lying open: “Hey, darling, look at this interesting question…”! Or try an indirect approach: while stimulating her elsewhere, brush your fingers across her anus. If she responds well, try some light circular stroking. At that point you can ask her if she likes it, or wait until immediately after you’ve had sex when you’re feeling the post-coital bliss (it’s a very good time to have intimate discussions).