My wife had our first child 11 weeks ago. We haven't started having sex again. The doctor said it's okay, but she doesn't feel up for it and she's afraid it'll be weird. Is there anything I can do to get it back on track?

Make the first time as gentle and romantic as possible. View it as a celebration of the love that created your baby. Wait until the baby’s settled, then spend some chilled out time together with soft music, maybe a glass of wine, and give her a foot massage as you simply enjoy each other’s company. Then if she’s up to it, move to the bedroom and focus on her. Don’t expect a lot of response as you know she’s anxious and tired. Tell her how wonderful she is, that she’s more gorgeous than ever now she’s a mother, how you want to hold and caress her to show your love and admiration. Kiss and stroke her oh so tenderly. When she’s ready have the slowest, most tender sex you’ve ever had. You may need to use lube, and she may be sore deep inside. Keep it slow, short, simple, and above all loving. Gradually you’ll return to more active sex, but for now, enjoy the tenderness.