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In the Tantric Lounge we explore the third wave of sexuality: beyond shame, beyond sleaze, heading towards true understanding and liberation. It’s sex for the seeker, for the explorer, for the thinker.

We’ve been called “The Enlightened Shock-Jocks” as we present sex like no one else - at times deep, at times hilarious, always inspiring. Listen to entertaining conversations with guest Sex Geeks from the leading edge of sexuality, as we discuss everything to do with sex, love and intimacy.

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Episode 1:3 Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth

Jacqueline Hellyer - Thursday, September 19, 2013

Show three is here and down on The Tantric Lounge my co-host Xavier Waterkeyn and I are well and truly off and running, taking listeners on their way to sexual empowerment!  On the Tantric Lounge we’re busy busting myths and ditching beliefs that limit us and hold us back from reaching our sexual potential. Last week it was the myth that sex is a base, animalistic activity, not a higher human endeavour, and this week we’re looking at myths around men and women: that men are more sexual than women, or that we are ‘opposite’ rather than ‘complementary’ sexes.

With conversations that are at times side-splittingly funny or deeply moving, we'll inform and inspire! This program’s practical activity will be developing your pelvic floor - it might sound dull, but oh boy, get your pelvic floor working and sex will start happening…! So come join us on The Tantric lounge. It’s the start of a whole new journey…

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