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#140: Female Bodies Are Sexual Pleasure Machines

Jacqueline Hellyer - Friday, September 11, 2015

The human body is a sexual pleasure machine, and the female body even more so than the male.

That may seem surprising if your concept of someone’s “level of sexuality” is determined by their “level of libido”. We’re rather too libido-oriented in this society.

The general belief is that sex is a response to feeling horny. Along with that belief comes the implicit assumption that the hornier you feel, the better sex will be. Since so many women have bought into this model, they believe they should be horny before they start making love. So if they’re not gagging for it they tend to give up and don’t do what it takes to get in the mood - generally thinking that there’s something wrong with them (if they’ve got low self-esteem) or claiming they’re “normal”, declaring that “women don’t like sex” and their partner is “sex-crazed” (if they’re more assertive).

I see this all the time. It’s a shame as it so not true. Once you understand that you cultivate desire, that the lust doesn’t just ‘descend’ from on high, that female desire tends to be contextual - more about how she’s feeling and what’s going on for her than a genital-driven “horniness” - then you’ve got something to work with, something wonderful!

Once a women allows herself to get into the mood - wow, the places she can go! Because when it comes to the response side of sex (as opposed to the desire side) - well, women are far more superior then men!

Women can have orgasms that are more intense, more frequent and last longer than men’s. On top of the standard clitoral orgasm, which is similar in physiology and feel to the male ejaculatory orgasm, women can have orgasms through vaginal stimulation, G-spot (actually the urethral sponge) stimulation, AFE-spot stimulation, cervical stimulation, anal stimulation, nipple stimulation, in fact, from virtually any part of their body, and even without physical touch (either by being in the presence of a man who’s very present in his masculinity, or by bringing yourself to orgasm through breath and visualisation). Women can have multiple orgasms, wet orgasms (more commonly known by the dreadful male-centric term: female ejaculation), full body orgasms, and can stay in ecstatic states of arousal for very long periods of time.

Unfortunately, most men or women don’t even realise what women’s sexual potential is. After a few decades of wondering why women are so sexually dysfunctional because they don’t function sexually like men, Western scientific research is only now starting to acknowledge that women’s sexuality is different. But it’s still way off realising just how wonderfully different women’s sexuality is.

Fortunately some people (like me!) are exploring beyond the boring limits of conventional models of sex in the West, taking on board the wisdom of older sexual traditions, such as the Tantric and Taoist, and doing a lot of personal research: I know all this is possible because I experience it.

When women realise it’s possible, they can start to experience it. When women have sexual responses like this, when they go to heaven, they take their man there with them. There is nothing a man likes more than to give his women this level of sexual pleasure. It satisfies him to his very core. It makes him feel like a Real Man. He may not be able to experience the level of feeling that she can, but he can feel fantastic for getting her there.* 

Female sexual response is extraordinary. It can take a while to get there**, but like all good things, the more time and attention you pay to something, generally the better the outcome.

Throw away the limiting beliefs, expand your possibilities to so much more - open yourself up to your glorious potential!

*Actually, men can cultivate themselves to attain these heights too.
** Unless she knows how to keep herself ’simmering’ -  High Libido Women Keep Themselves Simmering

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