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#46: Feminine Receptivity and the Go-Getter Kind of Gal

#46: Feminine Receptivity and the Go-Getter Kind of Gal

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I was asked recently to comment on the view that too many women in the West are too actively doing things to be able to attract a man, that “if you have a feminine core, your natural essence isn't to pursue, but to be pursued.” The implication in the question was that if you’re out there and active in the world, then you can’t have that receptive feminine core.

Completely wrong! There is no contradiction in being feminine and active in the world. Being in your feminine means to be soft on the outside and strong on the inside, allowing your inner feminine strength to radiate out. Women who are aligned like this are strong, and they do achieve in the world. But they don’t achieve in a driven, masculine way. That way might be fine for men, but for women a more “flowing” approach is generally a more natural and effective approach to getting things done.

Importantly, a woman aligned with her feminine doesn’t “do” anything to catch a man, rather she allows him to prove himself. A woman who is truly in her feminine knows her value and worth, she’s no eager beaver desperate for any man to like her, or a conniving fox playing games to win over a man. Oh no, she knows who she is, she shows the world who she is, and the right men are attracted to her. Then she can be selective.

Everyone benefits when women are whole and balanced - she feels better, achieves more in the world, has a more positive influence in the world, and attracts and nurtures real, whole men!


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