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#205: Quanta of Deliciousness

Jacqueline Hellyer - Sunday, August 13, 2017

Every time you do something for or say something nice to your partner it’s like you’re sending them a little bundle of loving sexual energy, a little quantum of deliciousness.


Imagine that quantum of energy springing across from your heart and into your partner’s heart. Make them feel the “mmm” - “mmm, you love me” and “mmm, you desire me”.



It’s the same when your partner does or says something full of joyful energy to you too - you feel that little quantum of energy enter you, so you go ‘mmm’.



Sometimes the energy is more from the heart, and sometimes more from the genitals. Ideally it’s from both, so you’re sending and receiving energy that combines love and sex.

That’s your 'beforeplay' – the connection that you create before you even get to the bedroom, the connection that needs to permeate the whole of your life together.

Keep sending those quanta of deliciousness and you’ll keep your connection strong, which means the two of you will be keeping yourselves simmering and ready for some loving whenever the time is right.


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