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#45: The Etiquette of Observing Breasts

Jacqueline Hellyer - Monday, January 30, 2012

I was asked this question from a man recently:

"Recently I asked the folks at "Dear Cupid" a question about the etiquette of when a man may permissibly glance at a woman's breasts. For some reason they found my question "inappropriate to publish." To me given the fact that heterosexual relationships start with a man and women visually interacting with one another that the question of when it is okay to glance at a woman's breasts seems extraordinarily fundamental. Many men don't seem to know that it isn't bad to look because hardly anybody tells them they can. So what is the deal and can't somebody write something on this?" 

This was my reply:

Regarding men looking at women's breasts: of course you like it. It's natural!

That's why women evolved breasts, because we walk upright so you see her chest (you don't need obvious breasts to breastfeed a child, other primates don't have them, and very flat-chested women can nurse just fine).

In fact, a study (whose reference escapes me) proved that when men look at women's breasts every day, even photos of breasts, they were much calmer and happier than men who didn't. As to the etiquette of looking at women's breasts - be subtle, no woman wants a man to address her breasts rather than her face when they're talking. If you have a partner, admire her breasts often, and otherwise enjoy the discrete appreciation of the women around you.



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