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#240: Turn Yourself On and the World Turns On To You

Jacqueline Hellyer - Sunday, September 23, 2018

When you feel sexy, you are sexy.

Notice that I say when you feel sexy, not when you look sexy. You might also look sexy, but the important thing is that you feel sexy.

Just looking sexy is a superficial thing. You can try all you like with the latest fashions, gym workouts or even cosmetic surgery to look sexy. Until you feel sexy though, you won’t be sexy.

Those things can certainly help you feel sexy, no doubt about it. For many people, being in shape, wearing nice clothes, even a nip and tuck here and there can do a lot to make them feel good about themselves. Being healthy, being in shape, looking good, all contribute.

That’s not enough though. There are plenty of good-looking well-dressed people who somehow just aren’t particularly sexy (unless you think Ken and Barbie are sexy). And there are plenty of people who don’t look or dress the part of ‘sexy’ yet are really hot - or beguiling or enchanting or desirable in some indescribable way.

These people are being sexy. They’re not trying to be sexy they just are.

Truly sexy people don’t try hard, they simply be who they are. They make themselves feel good on the inside. They turn themselves on.

Anyone can do this, regardless of looks, age, size. Do the things that make you feel good (as long as they’re legal of course!) - really good. I don’t mean get drunk so you don’t have to face reality, I mean make your reality good: with positive attitudes and positive living, purpose and meaning, savouring life.

Do this and you will feel positive and happy and you’ll project a great vibe and then the world will turn on to you!



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