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#124: Tango Tantra - Make Your Love Life Blissfully Connected

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Two people approach, embrace, pause then move as one.

A leader and a follower, exquisitely attuned to each other. Constantly sensing, constantly feeling, constantly flowing.

There is restraint in their movement, pauses, waiting. Moments of anticipation; an eternity in an instant; potential within a speck of time.

Then movement; sudden, intense, fast yet still that same pared back sense of attending to the subtle.

Is this Tantra or is this Tango? Or is Tango Tantra? Is Tantra manifest in Tango - the unity of opposites coming together in absolute equality, exploring the complementarity, creating a oneness of perfect flow and through that perfect bliss.

Not attached to any particular outcome, other than the experience of the dance itself.

In the coming together there is an understanding of space, boundaries, safety in which to dance, to explore the movement, to discover the potential of two bodies moving as one.

There is gravity to the encounter, there is gaiety to the encounter. The more attuned the pair, the greater the flow, the greater the elation.

Need I say this is also Tantric love-making - moving meditation: conscious, connected, in flow, and through the flow experiencing the ecstatic.


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