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#153: It All Starts With a Kiss…

Jacqueline Hellyer - Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lips part, faces draw near, lips touch. 

Close your eyes and imagine this, feel it, fully present in your lips, in your tongue. 

Your lips are soft, testing, sensing. Your mouth is relaxed, your tongue gentle.

Gently, gently kiss. How much sensation is there in that gentleness? Your lips are alive, they are the predominant sense organ of the moment.

Feel how the subtlety creates so much strength of feeling, all though out your body.

Feel how that softness allows your body to awaken, how it allows you to sink in to the feeling of softening, opening, receiving, joining.

Feel how that connection through your lips atunes you to your partner.

Be aware, through your lips, of your own and your partner’s feeling. Allow yourself to submit to the flow of the kiss. Let your lips dance together, tease, explore.

Include the tongue if that feels right in the moment, soft, testing, always relaxed. Your tongue too, a sensory organ feeling and transmitting pleasure to the whole of your body.

Take your time. There is no rush, there is no sense of this leading anywhere, it is not a ‘preliminary’. It just is.

As the kiss ends and you draw apart, stay with the feeling in your body, feeling the pleasure, the yumminess that suffuses your being. Be aware of how your partner is feeling this too.

Be aware of where you want to go with this. Is the kiss complete in itself? Does it leave you yearning for more? If so, is your desire to continue with subtlety or with more passionate intensity?

Feel it and flow with it. Wherever it leads. There is no right or wrong, no ‘should’ just what is emerging in the moment between the two of you.


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