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#5: How To Eat A Peach - Lose Yourself in Pleasure Pt 1

Jacqueline Hellyer - Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sensuality is without a doubt a key element to great sex. Sensuality, intimacy, surrender, eroticism – all essential elements that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the genitals.

We have five senses which can constantly bring us delectable, luscious sensuous experiences. If we’re open to them.

Once we are, we can bring that awareness into our love-making – and make magic.

Let’s practice. Choose a peach, or any other other suitably juicy fruit such as a mango.

Pick up the fruit.-

First, look at it….then listen to it…..then smell it….touch it against your skin, cheek, forearm…then bite into it and taste it.

Really taste it.

Then bite again:

- feeling the peach flesh give as you bite down into it,

- feeling the juices release into your mouth,

- hearing the sound of the flesh give way,

- smelling the scent of the peach beneath your nose,

- tasting the sweet flavor of the peach consuming your mouth,

- seeing the pinkish orange of the raw peach flesh….

Now that's eating a peach!

Try the exercise together. Have a peach each and take it in turns to watch your partner completely consume the peach. Then expose your own sensuality as you bite and lick and devour your peach.

Or share the peach. Look into each other’s eyes as you suck, nibble, chew and swallow the peach flesh and juice. Taste it on each other’s lips, follow the dribble of juice down your partner’s body, suck it off their fingers.

Why would you put up with lacklustre sex when you can really, and truly, eat a peach...?


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