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#294: Take Your Penis for a Walk!

Jacqueline Hellyer - Sunday, May 17, 2020

Seriously. Yes, you read that correctly: guys, take your penis for a walk. No not on a leash (unless you’re a bit kinky!)

What do I mean by that rather absurd suggestion? I mean, get connected with your penis.

As you go out and about, be aware of your penis. As you feel the warmth of the sun, notice your penis feeling it too. When you savour your coffee, notice your penis savouring it too. When you observe the women around you and feel their feminine energy, have your penis feel it too. When you feel the power of swimming laps or going for a run or pumping weights, have your penis feel the power too. When you’re cheering your team on and getting excited at a goal, feel your penis cheering along. When you’re sharing a laugh with mates or at the movies, your penis laughs along with you. When you’re feeling thoughtful and reflective, your penis is meditative too.

It sounds strange, but the more you do this, the more connected you will become with your penis. Rather than it being an out of control creature with a mind of its own, it will become your partner in pleasure. You’ll be a team.

Then, when you’re making love to your woman, your penis will be on your side, you’ll be connected. You’ll really be present in your penis, in fact you’ll be connected to your whole body - and you’ll feel a lot more. When you’re connected and present within yourself, you can connect a lot better with your partner and she’ll feel it too. Then it becomes a positive feedback loop for both of you, and sex becomes truly awesome.

It starts outside the bedroom. Take your penis for a walk.


And ladies, can I suggest you take your imaginary penis for a walk. It’s a good experience to imagine that you have a penis and wander around with it for a while. What do you notice? Probably the first thing is that you walk with your legs a bit wider!

When I get women to do this in workshops, they’re often surprised at how real it feels, and also how vulnerable it feels. Women aren’t used to having their genitals so exposed, so it can be a shock to even imagine it.

Women have often said to me that it’s changed the way they look at penises: they become less scary and more approachable. There is a tenderness and a respect that wasn’t there before. Try it.


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