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#126: Our Bodies Are the Best Sex Toy Ever

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You can certainly spice up your relationship with sex toys - there are thousands on the market to choose from.

In fact the choice is so great it’d be easy to get lost in the choice and lose focus of what the main object of sexual pleasure actually is - your body.

Yep, our bodies are exquisite sexual pleasure machines. We’re designed for pleasure and our bodies thrive on pleasure.

The dexterity of hands and mouths, the feel of skin on skin, the electric connection between genitals, the look of your lover’s face and body, the sounds of love-making…

…this is what makes sex great.

Sex toys can add to the pleasure, they can create new and delicious sensations, for sure. But, if you focus on the toy rather than the body, then you won’t be present in your body nor connected with your partner’s body and the sensation won’t be as good.

So if you want to have better sex, by all means experiment with sex toys, just remember that a dildo on it’s own never improved a relationship, it’s the connection between the two lovers and the way they use a toy to enhance that connection that counts.


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