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#296: The Sex Store in Your Pantry

Jacqueline Hellyer - Sunday, June 14, 2020

Adult shops these days can be classy, tasteful, staffed by friendly well-informed assistants, full of a huge range of products to titillate and pleasure. They’re great.

But you know what? You can find a whole heap of stuff in your own home that you can bring into the bedroom to augment your love play.

Come, let’s look around your house to see what goodies we can find…

In the Kitchen

Let’s start in the kitchen.

You can find some great implements for sensation play here. What can you see that you could run over your partner’s skin? Forks are fabulous. Other pronged implements such as a spaghetti ladle, skewers, (blunt) knives. Experiment with the sharpness, it can be quite delightful (or not, in which case don’t). Or something smooth perhaps? Try the back of spoons of different sizes, ladle or teaspoon. Warm them up in hot water to add the element of heat for some temperature play.*

On the subject of temperature play, you can’t go past ice for thrilling sensation - run it over your partner’s skin, hold it in particularly sensitive spots, make your mouth cold with it then lick, kiss or suck various parts of your partner’s body. (Random tip, run an ice-cube up and down her back when you’re having sex from behind.)

You’ll find all sorts of interesting items if you fancy a bit of impact play - a flyswat, wooden spatula, maybe even a cheese board…

Cornflour makes a great massage medium, particularly on hairy men as oil tends to matt the hair.

Speaking of oil, you can use a lot of cooking oils as massage oil - macadamia or avocado oils are good.

If you want to try out some restraint, there’s no need to buy expensive bondage tape when you can just use ordinary old cheap plastic wrap from the larder. It’s so nice and wide you can bind broader areas of the body than other more regular forms of restraint.* 

And then there’s food. There are so many delectable ways to incorporate food and drink into your love play.
  • blindfold your partner and give them tastes of various foods and drinks
  • slather jams or cream or sauces over select parts of your partner’s body and consume
  • decorate your prone partner with delicacies, and take your time eating them
  • drizzle liqueur, sauce or honey over your partner’s body and lick it off
  • share something long (spaghetti, liquorice stick, cracker sticks) starting at each end and meeting in the middle
  • both be blindfolded and try feeding each other (warning - gets messy!)
A few words of warning if you’re going places you haven’t been before:
*Test the temperature of anything you’ve heated up before you apply it to your partner’s skin to make sure it’s not too hot.
*Of course, never cover your face with plastic wrap. Also, have some scissors on hand in case the person being wrapped wants it removed quickly.

In the Study/Den

A quick stop off in your study or den to check out paper. Various thicknesses of paper and card can provide interesting stimulation on the skin - try running the edge of a business card along your partner’s skin for starters.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is nearly as good as the kitchen. Check out the
  • make up brushes
  • body brushes
  • loofah
  • comb
  • cotton wool
and imagine how you could play with them…

In the Laundry

Into the laundry where we’ll find those delicious items of pleasurable pain - clothes pegs! Use them on nipples, scrotum - if you’re game…

And while you’re there, you might also find some rope, stretchy rope with hooks on the end (do those things have a name?). Or for less out there pleasuring, imagine what you could do with those paint brushes…

In the Bedroom

Now heading back to your bedroom with all the goodies you’ve found, you might find there are some other ‘multi-purpose’ items in your bedroom:

Wrap a bead or pearl necklace around your hand and stimulate your partner’s penis; use belts, scarves, stockings for restraint or blindfolds.

Elsewhere in the house

And who knows what else you might find. I once found a long pink furry thing in a kid’s bedroom that was wonderful for running over naked flesh! (I have no idea what it was.)

So step out of the box of ‘sex toy’ and get creative (and save a bit of cash to devote to more expensive sex toys like a quality vibrator!)

Explore, experiment and enjoy!


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