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#136: Have Sex with God…

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tuesday, August 04, 2015

…through each other’s bodies.

Sexual union with another - where you dive deep into each other - where you let go into the giving and receiving - relaxing into the expanding potency as the borders blur and you are consumed by ecstasy - is the experience of the divine manifesting in the physical.

It’s a space uncontaminated by sordidness or shame, the two big challenges to finding the purity of sexual connection in this modern era.

It’s quite simple once you let go. It’s the letting go that’s hard: letting go of the all the stuff attached to sex: the fears, the fantasies, the judgements.

Once you do, and you find the essential beauty of the experience, the purity (and avoid judgement of the word ‘pure’), there you’ll find the transcendence, the experience of divinity.

Practice alone - masturbate as meditation and invite in the divine, whether as a general concept or a particular deity; or meet your beloved (whether you’ve yet met them or not) on the astral plane and make love.

Practice together - start slow, relax, connect through your eyes, your hearts, your sexual centres (well before they actually touch).

Then… enter deep into each other, allowing yourself to be consumed by the other, by the act.

Open up and move past the physical, past the smallness and the limitations. Open your heart and your body, allow the force of love the force of sex to move through your genitals and your bodies and way beyond, burring the edges.

Until you are less an individual ‘having’ sex and more a ‘being’ of sex, of bliss.

And there you find yourself in union with god.

And it is magnificent.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on having sex with God - have you experienced it? Does my limited ability to express through the written word convey what you’ve felt? Please let me know in the comments below.


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